ACLU Pres, Youth Sports Coach, Predatory Paedophile

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Charles Rust-Tierney was President of the ACLU in Virginia from 2002-2005. A youth sports coach who yesterday appeared in court on charges of downloading child pornography from the net. Perhaps this explains why the ACLU always appears more concerned with the rights of child molesters than children. Little has been reported in the case except that Rust-Tierney admitted to downloading numerous images and videos after they were seized from his home.

As a sidenote, it is important to recall the findings of Malesky & Ennis through their analysis of the BoyChat forum (2004) that:

there is evidence suggesting that individuals who have been convicted of Internet-related, non-contact sexual offenses are likely to have committed undetected 'hands on' offenses as well.

Not surprisingly, this story has been "hushed up". For further details and updates, please see the exceptional guys at Stop the ACLU. coverage
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