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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Justin-Georges Coulombe A.K.A. Bean's Shadow has a dilemma, the following quote was originally published in an online religious newspaper:

"He went to the workshop feeling torn between being a father and being a priest. "I feel that I'm called to do both and I am not sure how I'm going to do both. I feel that I am meant to have children because I work very well with them and I feel that I am meant to work with children; so it's a dilemma...."

Personally, I think Coulombe 'feels' something entirely different from most people who want to work with children, or have children of their own.

And while Coulombe neglected to mention what exactly it was he 'felt' for children, his posts on reflect it rather clearly:
I look forward to the day when being a BL, intergenerationalist, Ephebophilia, Hebephilia, or any other words we use to describe our relationships, are no longer a thing to be feared and hated by so many, but are instead a welcomed and encouraged members of society. With all the rights and privileges there too.
During his posts on, Coulombe seemed fascinated by the idea of having political party pushing for the legalization of adults having sexual contact with children:
I had read some time ago about a Political Party in the Netherlands who was pushing for Pedophilia to stop being taboo and get pushed to the mainstream, as well as judging the age of consent differently. I was wondering if any of you would stand behind a party with similar views if they were to form in your own country, assuming of course the rest of their platform was sound
He goes on...
I personally have thought about Civil Service on a number of occasions, and would feel quite comfortable spearheading such a party, if I wasn’t so apathetic in regards to my current political system, not to mention the overly conservative nature of the country in which I reside. But if someone else were to start the party I would be behind it in a heartbeat.
In a heartbeat, he'd join a political party which was trying to legalize child abuse. While Coulombes political aspirations may be only be fantasy, his real life involvement with children is not.

Similar to Roger Keith Bloemers, Coulombe uses organizations set up help and support children, as an opportunity to gain access to children. Coulombe's worked as a youth counselor, and also possibly as a teacher.

Here Coulombe talks of a friend he knows:

"I have a really good friend of my who is both a Teacher and a closet BL, and he was able to adopt a son in the great white north just over 16 years ago now without too much difficulty. Though it may have had to do with him being a teacher with a spotless record, though if anything it proves that it is able to do even in the continent of North America."

Perhaps that's where he got the idea.

While Coulombe may consider it a dilemma, whether he's in contact with children as a parent or as someone who works directly with children, the facts speak for themself - and sick people like him shouldn't be around children, full stop.
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