'Three years in the Philippines'

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

We first introduced you to Peter Cowell A.K.A. Nycalvin in our post about Wikisposures recent outings. That's him in the photo to the left, in a swimming pool, in Davao City, Philippines.

But Peter didn't just go to the Philippines to swim, in fact during some of his chats on BoyTalkRadio, he talked quite openly about what else he did there:

"nycalvin spent 3 years in the philippines, and every day a new boy/teen"

"the boys i f***** were virgins!"

As if it's not enough to admit to sexually abusing children in the Philippines, Peter also had this to say during the same chat log:

"i have videos in the NTSC format that i need to change to the PAL system, xxx rated vids, that i took"

Any guesses as to what kinds of "XXX rated" videos a disgusting pervert like Peter would record?

Here's a clue: the Philippines typically uses the NTSC system for videos, while the United Kingdom (where Peter's living at present) typically uses the PAL system.

In another chat log on BoyTalkRadio, Peter is more specific about the type of material he looks at. And although we've already quoted Peter saying this in the initial post announcing his outing, I think it's best to let Peters filthy comments speak for themself:

"16:56 <> my AoA is 12
16:57 <> hey, I like the 11-12yo's but I absolutely adore 8-9yo's
16:57 <> Just 12, that's all, Calvin?
16:58 * nycalvin 's lips are sealed
17:00 <> well, even some 13-14yo's can be cute, if they still look young
17:00 * nycalvin saw a vid today of a 12yo jacking off!
17:00 <> and if their voices haven't changed
17:01 <> and, yes, i still have it!
17:01 <> surfing the forbidden sites, nycalvin?
17:01 <> yes, orestes!
17:03 <> BUT, it was so naturel, a boy doing what a boy does! LIKE WE USED TO DO WHEN WE WE 12

The photo to the right was another taken of Peter during his time in the Davao City, Philippines. What's concerning, is that this disgusting man spent three years in the Philippines admittedly doing sick things to children while possibly video recording it, and he currently walks free among the rest of society.
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