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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ricky's mom - Mary aka Tikibug, Buggy, Hell's Bug, and HotRodAnimal requested that I write an article about her. I thought it was a little strange but hey, I've got no problem with it. What I DO have a problem with is her.

Mary pretends I have a problem with her because her son is a sex offender or because she speaks her mind. But it has nothing to do with her son, and she knows this. I've said if I were in her shoes I'd fight for my child too. Nor does it have anything to do with the fact that she IS speaking up. It has solely to do with what she's saying and the fact that she is actively promoting legalized adult/child sex.

Just the other night Derek made comments regarding "his side" of the issue of sex offender laws. He also made comments about people on the "other side" - his enemies - which he referred to as the Victim's Side. But isn't that one of the biggest problems within these RSO groups? They don't understand that there is not a "victim's side". Victims are the center of this issue.

Not only is sincere concern for victims blatantly missing in these groups but they routinely mock them, blame them, demean them and even deny their existence. Mary, who has said some of the most appalling things about victims that I've ever heard - fails to even raise an eyebrow from the people who follow her. The rest of us catch our breath in utter shock - but Mary's cohorts seem to not even notice- and why should they? They've been indoctrinated into the language of blame gaming. And Mary? She's been indoctrinated into the language of pedophiles.

A pedophile apologist is just as dangerous as a pedophile. But I believe Mary is more than that. I believe she's a pedophile activist as well. What else could you call it? On the one hand Mary says most child sexual abuse is committed by the child's parents. Then she says ONLY parents can protect children! Then she agrees with a schizophrenic multiple child rapist that the government has no right to set an age of consent - it should be up to the parents to decide their child is old enough for sexual activity or not. Who is going to protect children from those parents who exploit their own children? Or marry pedophile baby rapers and bring them into their homes to live with their children? Is it Marshall Burns of the RSOL who spoke of having sex with 13 year old boys in Boston in the late 1970's and says he's completely without remorse? He educated Mary. See.... even parents shouldn't have a say in when their child has sex because - they might teach them repressive morality. Thus:
Children should be defined as persons under the age of puberty.
Support broad sex education for children, and empower them to make their own decisions and stand up for their rights

Mary agreed. She put her name to the statement. She put her face to it. She put her voice to it. She did this because she's a woman completely lacking in integrity, honor, honesty, humility, intelligence and compassion. Except where sexual abusers are concerned.

Mary says she's "no dumb duck" and calls anyone who disagrees with her ignorant and yet - she fails to realize that you can train even a monkey to perform tricks the same way you can train a trashy hick to memorize pedo myths.

At the 1978 Boston Conference to form Nambla Dr. Richard Pillard said:
"Men and boys who love each other are engaging in a social experiment."
In 1998 Nambla members wrote a petition called "A call to safeguard our children and our liberties". Top signatory was Dr. Richard Pillard.

In 2007 the same petition was recycled and renamed An Urgent Call to Support the Well-being of Children and the Rights of Us All aka Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign or RSOL. The top signatory was Dr. Richard Pillard. All references to Nambla and "boylovers" were removed and information about the sex offender registry was added. The rest is identical.

Now in 2009, Dr. Richard Pillard is the introductory speaker for the new and improved Boston Conference held this weekend.

You see, Nambla discovered 30 years ago that people were never going to accept a group of pedophile activists who wanted to have sex with their little boys.

They changed their name in 1997 and tried to claim it was "to safeguard children". That campaign quickly died, probably aided along by the rabid support of Dennis Bejin, Nambla Steering Committee member known as "Diaper Boy" and implicated in the Jeffrey Curley wrongful death lawsuit.

But in 2007, they realized the time was ripe. New sex offender restrictions were popping up everywhere - how better to get what you wanted than to have women who were NOT pedophiles themselves promote your agenda?




You think Mary doesn't know? Of course she knows. She admitted she knows, not only that she has stated there should be no age of consent laws. There should be no registry, no residency restrictions, no GPS monitoring, no civil commitment, no polygraph exams on supervision. She has stated that victims and their parents should be "held accountable" while referring to the offender as "just a baby". She calls child pornography a victimless crime and says maybe it helps someone not molest children. She says a woman who won't allow her child to be alone with a bus driver is hysterical and to parents whose children have been abused as negligent. She says no law will stop someone from committing a crime.........therefore what? Anarchy.

Mary is a joke. She has bashed John Walsh, Mark Lunsford and other parents of murdered children, not just the laws they've supported but on a personal basis. She has referred to victims as "snot-nosed teary-eyed victims", she's cold, she's heartless, she's despicable and she's offensive to anyone except abusers and enablers.

She recently had Ron Book on her podcast to talk about the situation of sex offenders living under the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami. She referred to it as a "coup" and implored everyone to be on their best behavior because she was "literally representing 700,000 people". I wonder how many of those people WANT Mary Duval the ignorant, trailer trash supporter of adult/child sex speaking on their behalf? Let's look at how that turned out. All the RSO's in the chat room were calling Mr. Book "a hater" and "filled with anger" while saying things like this:

[9:05:59 PM] IWillNotObey am i the only one in here hoping his car crashes head on into a semi while hes on this show?

[9:12:22 PM] ladybear yes he is a professional victim and is making his daughter one too

[9:12:50 PM] Sex Offender Issues F U RON!!!!!!!

[9:22:50 PM] The Fallen One thanks y'all but i want a piece of ronnies ass

[9:38:15 PM] CRASH101 This guy is nothing more than a vindictive hate filled politician !

[10:10:57 PM] Sex Offender Issues Someone needs to give him another A--hole.

[10:15:21 PM] CRASH101 He is so full of HATE ! what a coward you are RON !

[10:15:33 PM] CRASH101 I want to punch this fuck in the face !

[10:17:05 PM] The Fallen One i'd punch him in the face if he was here then chokeslam him

[11:18:36 PM] Sex Offender Issues If I would've said what Mary did, I would not have appologized

[11:29:36 PM] ladybear IMO he has made his daughter into his poster victim and he willnot allow her to ehal

Mary didn't get that at all. Lauren and people like Lauren are the center. Without recognition of the center Mary will remain as "clueless" as she was in those statements she made. Mary doesn't comprehend what's going on.


In other words - you can talk about people however you want just don't get caught at it, and when you do lie about it. "I was just angry after the meeting" despite the fact that she ranted about her for two weeks straight. At least now she's ceased bashing Lauren and turned her venom to Ron. I have a feeling he can handle that little insignificant bug. Someone who has said the things she's said about victims and then DARES to say this:

"And if you can't show respect, then don't ask for none"
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