"I want to be regarded as low risk"

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Gary Anderson or "Gareth" sure does get around. He changed his name legally from Simeon Hope and uses the nicks CapNemo, KidsPower, and luv_lauren99 (among others)

Gary is a pedophile. He likes little girls and he likes little boys too. He says his "age of attraction" is 8 or 9, and 7-12 for boys.

Of course Gary is also a convicted sex offender. A repeat sex offender.

Gary was a teacher working with children when he was convicted in 2000 for distributing child pornography and possession of greater than 51,000 images. After serving only 18 months in prison he joined pedophile groups and returned triumphantly to his previous activities. But, less than two years after his release he was convicted AGAIN for the same thing.
"Yesterday, he was jailed for 18 months and banned from ever working with children or keeping a computer with Internet access. He was also ordered to serve an extended licence, once released, of four-and-a-half years, to be controlled by the probation service and receive treatment."
Did he keep a computer? Or was he using someone elses? Just as soon he got out there he was again posting all over pedophile message boards. BoyChat, GirlChat, BoyMoment and of course he joined Sosen too.

He talked about his treatment program in very mocking terms. Not only did he not need therapy dammit! But he wasn't going to cooperate with it either.
"My strategy is to tell these lovely, caring people what they like to hear. My real thoughts I keep to myself and for here. I want to be regarded as low risk, so that I can lead a more normal life."
"My feeling about this kind of therapy is that it just puts huge powers into the hands of prejudiced, ignorant fools. Instead of someone being given a limited punishment and then allowed to restart their life, we must wait until they say we are ready. That can be years or never."
Sex Offender Treatment is really gonna help this guy isn't it? While he was in prison he wrote letters to John Hodgson aka taf-kat who roams around the net stealing photos of peoples children from their photo albums for masturbation purposes and just another GirlChat pervert multi-convicted child porn freak who kept the twittering pedophiles apprised of their missing in action hero by posting Gary's letters on GirlChat. Gary wrote:
"I am on licence until December 2008 (yes, '08). The judge laid into me at my sentencing, as these morons do, and said that he expected that I will never again be allowed access to the Net. Well..."
Gary claimed the women in his life all knew what he was and what he did:
"I've had two partners who knew all about my attraction to children (mainly 7-12yo). The first was my wife, who gradually became aware over years as I told her more. She was generally accepting, even when she knew I was downloading CP, but left me instantly when I was arrested for that.

Teh second is my current partner. She doesn't like it, but knew about it from the start, as she visited me in prison. She just thinks men are all pervs anyway."
In addition to communicating with pedophile message boards while still in prison Gary has been on those pedo boards and sex offender boards any time he wasn't in prison. In fact, he's still an active member and had his own comments edited by GirlChat when requesting links to "child modeling photos" just a few months ago. But Gary didn't just have child pornography, distribute child pornography and rant and rave about legalizing child pornography (what the sex offender advocacy groups refer to as a "victimless crime") and legalized adult/child sex (no age of consent laws). NO. He wrote stories too. Graphic stories. The kind of stories Ricky's Mom says helps prevent child sexual abuse.
"My intention from the outset was to at least attempt to fuck her, though I knew it wouldn't be easy with a child so young. But it was the day after her seventh birthday and I wanted her to experience it."
"I wondered what her dad would think if he saw us now: his naked seven-year-old daughter sitting by his couch with her vulva reddened and wet with fucking, and her loving partner, a grown man five times her age sat next to her"
I know what you're thinking but that's not graphic. I left the graphic parts out.

Gary wrote:
"It's an excellent article, and a brave stand to take these days. However, it is not a defence of childloving, merely a defence of our legal rights. Commendable, but there is much further to go. I don't just want my legal rights to defend myself, I want my sexuality made legal."
Yes of course. That's what all childhaters want. From BoyChat and GirlChat to the groups who want the same thing but call it something else like Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign and Sosen. Abolish age of consent laws.... that will solve the problem of child sexual abuse......it would no longer be illegal to groom, manipulate and molest children. And after all, "the government has no right to interfere."

Does it?
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