All the treatment in the world

Friday, July 24, 2009

Often when pedophiles are caught sexually abusing or exploiting children or posting on pedophile message boards (for that matter), they'll claim they're now "reformed," that their behavior was "just a mistake" or how they "just want to get on with their life." In fact we occasionally get e-mails and comments here at Absolute Zero United from pedophiles (and their supporters) who say just that.

While there are some sex offenders who probably genuinely regret and understand why their behavior was damaging, pedophiles are just liars...

Enter convicted sex offender and GirlChat pedophile "Little Girl Lover:"

Little Girl Lover

We are the only sexual orientation which can get into severe trouble for looking at pictures of lg's just for fantasy. Nobody else has to deal with this kind of discrimination. Fantasizing about women to a pedophile is very unfulfilling. Looking at a pretty preteen girls face is more fulfilling then looking at the hottest Playboy bunny. All the treatment in the world won't change it. If any anti's think that's a crock of crap try to change your orientation to something else. It's not so easy.
'Oh the suffering! for all the "discrimination" against people who just want to see photos of little kids being sexually abused and exploited for their bodies by disgusting perverts.' Only a pedophile could be this utterly sick in the head, but amongst all of his distortion "Little Girl Lover," raises an important point: "All the treatment in the world won't change it."

People like this should never be given a "second chance" in society, it's important they spend the rest of their lives in a place where they can never harm another child. "Little Girl Lover" goes on to talk about how he handled his sex offender treatment:

Little Girl Lover
And it's true, thinking about a young girl especially in a sexual way was a big no no. They tried very hard to control your thoughts. They gave you polygraphs even to see if you were being deceptive. God I hated every moment of it.
Treatment providers tried to help him live a healthier life, but don't worry "Little Girl Lover" wasn't about to pay any attention to any of their nasty treatment, he's a filthy pervert for life.

I'm not saying that the majority of children in CP were/are being "physically" harmed (i.e. beaten until they agree to make movies or let someone take naked photos of them), just that I don't feel the majority of them were in truly loving relationships with someone. They may have enjoyed the activity very much, hence my belief that it should be legal for children to work in the erotic film industry when/if they are ever given the right to make their own choices about their bodies.
There's always one of them - the pedofreak who thinks that any child would knowingly "choose" to be used and taken advantage of by disgusting pedophiles. They don't get it and "all the treatment in the world" won't help them either:

The internet is the only refuge we have left. The way to ensure we can have our modeling sites is to protect the internet. Also the world economy going down the tubes help as child modeling sites will contribute to stabilizing and building a stronger economy.

They also need to be careful about taking away our various forms of relief because there are some out there who need these various things to keep them away from little girls.
"Stabilize and build a stronger enconmy" and "getting relief" - they really don't have any idea they're talking about childrens lives.

This calls for "Little Girl Lover" to issue the 'Pedo-Threat:'

Little Girl Lover
If pedophiles cannot even look at pictures of nice looking girls there will be a backlash. Society and it's draconian rules are going to cause more trouble then good.
They forget they live in a society where 99% of the population despises people who commit sexual crimes against children and they want to threaten "backlash?"

People like this prove my point: there really is no amount of treatment which could make them empathize or understand or even perceive reality.
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