Father, Grandfather and Pedophile

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Roger Keith Bloemers is a retired Music Teacher who now spends his spare time as a hobby photographer and making YouTube videos. Here's how he described himself in just a few words over on the Christian Boylove Forums:

"I am a Christian, a parent, a grandfather, a music teacher, a photographer, a mentor and a boylover HELP :o)"

That's quite a combination. What Bloemers means when he calls himself a "mentor," is that he's worked with organizations which put him in contact with children, such as, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, are set up to help encourage children to reach their potential in life, during the course of his posts on the Christian Boylove Forums, here's what Bloemers had to say about being a "mentor:"
I am a Big Brother and that is one way to have a boy in your life that needs a mentor. I have found that being a Big is very much worth while. However, now with a police thing in your record, you may not be accepted into that group. Darn, sometimes life is so unfair.
From another post:
today I thought I might share a little about the sweet boy in my life. His name is ***** and he will be 9 soon. He is a member of my Church. I started to mentor him about 18 months ago...
...By the way, ***** is not only sweet and loving but very, very good looking. **big smile** He has blond curly hair, blue eyes, freckles, and a great smile. Just thought you might like to know. (talking like a proud dad) Keith
Not only did Bloemers post on the Christian Boylove Forum, but before he'd found his way there he'd also posted in the pedophile Usenet group alt.fan.prettyboy:
"very interested in hearing from any who may be taking their own pictures of boys. I hope to post a couple of my own soon."
"boy photographers Are there any out there that might like to talk the "how to" of it."
It's important to remember that the same man posting these comments, is being trusted to "mentor" children. Pedophiles will do anything to gain access to children, and as we saw with Mark Speary A.K.A. Boypower, they use peoples unsuspecting trust in them to do it.
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