December 1st, Columbus, Ohio - Rally Against Child Abusers!

Monday, October 29, 2007

UPDATE 12/15/07:

As Lilo mentioned here, Pro-Sex Offender Activists are planning to rally in Columbus Ohio, in an attempt to attack a bill being proposed to further protect children from sexual abuse.

Pro-Sex Offender Organizations planning to attend the rally include:

SO Clear - Headed up by Tom Madison
SOSEN - Headed up by Shirley Lowery
Roar4Freedom - Headed up by Betty Price

The membership of these groups consists of cognitively distorted individuals and Sexual Offenders in denial, pushing for change in legislation so that Child Molesters can choose their own punishments and children are made responsible for being abused. These organizations are openly supported and considered by pedophiles to be a "more socially acceptable" front for their pro-pedophilia agenda:

Dylan Thomas (BoyChat Webmaster)

What about SO-Clear, the civil-rights organization pushing for saner sex offender laws? They're the group responsible for the Miami protest next month. This certainly seems like an effort we can get behind, right?

What about Shirley Lowery, the feisty woman who has been writing so vehemently about the excesses of sex offender legislation? She's gotten some cheers on our board; she's someone we can call an ally, isn't she?

Is Tom Madison someone we as boylovers (many of us also registered sex offenders) can look to for leadership in fighting an immensely unjust situation?

I wrote Tom explaining to him that I was the webmaster of BoyChat, and since we have many registered sex offenders and interested supporters among our posters, we could possibly spread the word about his protest. We're a communication board, after all.

Now, moving on to the question of Shirley Lowery. This woman has been writing things that have really made us feel good, hasn't she? It's very rare that you see a columnist in a news outlet speaking common sense about pedophiles and registered sex offenders.

Lowery herself links us to S.O.S.E.N., the Sex Offender Support and Education Network, which, in addition to supporting a complete restructuring of sex offender law to base it upon a restorative model, also supports such sex-offender-friendly reforms like mandatory life sentences for repeat offenders and civil commitments.

Shirley's even been helping promote Dylan Thomas' fake "No More Victims Act of 2007," mocking sexual abuse victims, and promoting pedophilia.

Speaks for itself doesn't it? With friends like Nigel Oldfield and Dylan Thomas, and repeat child sex offenders in their ranks, I wonder whose interests organizations like SO Clear and SOSEN really have at heart.

What you can do help:

Woman Against Sexual Predators (WASP) and several other Anti-Pedophile Organizations are taking the fight right back to SO Clear and SOSEN, they're Counter-Rallying in Ohio. You can find out more about them and how you can join them in Ohio to show your support here:

Women Against Sexual Predators
Contact info: or

Fathers-4- Justice
Call 419-435-5166 or www.F4J.US

Bikers Against Child Abuse
Call 614-271-7478 or

Another thing you can do, is, as Tom would say "raise the level of awareness"

Show your support for children's rights, by placing the banner below on your blog/myspace/website:

Larger version (as pictured at the top of this post):

This December the 1st, Rally in Columbus Ohio Against Child Abusers!
(More to come)
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