Important Parallel Organizations

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We're all familiar with GirlChat poster and child pornographer Nigel Oldfield AKA Critest, Agony Uncle; A pedophile activist who refuses to accept that his viewing photos of kids being sexually exploited was harmful at all.

"I was found to have a seriously substantial number of indecent pornographic images, including the majority forms of pornography (i.e. bestiality, heterosexual sex, homosexual sex, cross-dressing, torture, masturbation, all ages of children and fantasy situations)."

Nigel is a pedophile in denial, who refuses to take responsibility for his actions and who in his distorted pedo-brain even refuses to acknowledge that child pornography is a child abuse.

It's not surprising that Tom Madisons SO-Clear Media Corporation, proudly flys twisted pervert, Nigel Oldfields Critical Estoppel banner , under the title "Other Important Parallel Organizations":

Just as we proved Shirley Lowery is supporting and spreading the plots, mockery and wickedness of Dylan Thomas of BoyChat, Jan Kruska supports GirlChat, and Tom Madison supports a child pornographer who is not sorry for his actions.

Nigel can never understand that kids don't want to be used and exploited for his sexual pleasure. Jan, Shirley and Tom can't understand people being outraged by their complete disregard for the victims of sexual abuse when they write articles like "Murdered Childrens Parents Profiled."

Nigel said
I will only obey laws that I feel are just

I think Nigel is just another sociopath wanting people to believe he isn't dangerous, involved with a bunch of people who want to try and convince everyone that child molesters aren't dangerous.

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