The Blame Gamers are Back

Friday, October 19, 2007

This time Tom and Jan are wapping it out together in their latest hit album - "Punish You," blaming society and practically everyone else on the planet for their actions.

01. Punish You
Tom Madison, President AND CEO of his D.I.Y-styled "Media Corporation," raps out threats next to ILGO, to punish anti-child abuse websites for blogging in opposition to Jan Kruska's Pro-Sex Offender advocacy.

02. The Logical Thing to Do
Jan Kruska tries to clarify the lies and distortions shes been spreading by telling us that she doesn't think the victims of sexual abuse should suffer in silence, but instead that the abuser shouldn't be punished at all.

03. Deeply Disturbed
Jan comes to the realization that she's deeply disturbed; While rapping about how her website is based upon facts, official studies, and pedo-logic.

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