Jimbo Bites the Dust

Friday, July 20, 2007

And who's this happy character?

Why it's none other than Boychat's own Jimf3 or James Patrick Finn III.

You can read more about him here:

A mix of old-fashioned and newfangled vigilante justice helped police nab a Lincoln Park man they say they caught in the act of downloading computerized child pornography.
Before deputies armed with a search warrant walked in on James Patrick Finn III, 42, at his home computer this week, he was outed by someone circulating fliers claiming Finn is a "pedophile activist," said Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans.

"They wanted to warn people that this was a guy who outwardly was an advocate of pedophilia," Evans said. "This was not
something that he was hiding."

A special HT to the folks at PeeJ's Corporate Sex Offender Registry for pulling this one off.

James Finn III was arrested due to the fliers sent out by CSO volunteers to his community. Finn, 42, then was found to have over 600 images of child pornography as well as thirty videos of child pornography. He faces a maximum of twenty years in jail. Finn was the first "featured article of the month" here on the Wikisposure project and volunteers in our forum activism area decided to selectively pepper his community with fliers

Another Boychat member, arrested for Child Pornography - What a surprise.

Initial reactions to the news at Boychat have been psychotic, this from Bill Evans:

I can't imagine Jim being stupid enough to actually have material on his computer that is illegal. Time will tell, on that one. I do find the fact that there are only 3 charges from 568 stills and 30 movies to be a telling point, though.

Just remember, he who laughs last, laughs longest.
Yes indeed Bill, and when is that court date of yours again?
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