Flying Purple Pedohead

Monday, July 30, 2007

Have you heard? There's a flying purple pedohead loose on YouTube. This guy claims he's not a pedophile. He also states "I support pedophiles" His argument is that we as a society are to blame for pedophiles raping children because we make pedoheads hate themselves. He says that children aren't traumatized because of being molested by a dirty old man, no he says they feel traumatized because society says it is "wrong and horrible"

Is any of this sounding familiar? Sound like any other pedoheads you know? What about when he says, "I'm not a pedophile but I might just fuck little Timmy too if I can get away with it, just to stir up things a bit"

Outraged yet? Here's the video in question, please flag it for inappropriate content. This man is encouraging pedophiles to molest children. I hope you'll take my word for the content of the video, but if you need to watch it yourself please have handy a barf're gonna need it.

Watch our new video here as we show you the truth about filthy pedophiles. Have a laugh at these guys expense and help us send it ALL back around.

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