Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"What am I getting at here.....I'm trying to say that I don't think there's going to be any huge revelation here, I don't think there's going to be any glorious dramatic change in society. I think that this is just one of those things that just gradually change until you don't realize it has sort of sneaks up on you."

So begins the "final battle" of Albert Ross. But what exactly is the goal of his war? Is it acceptance and tolerance? Is it the ability to upload videos to youtube without the militia knocking down his door, er I mean his plastic? Is it merely a tribute to 'Alice Day' the pedo holiday of perversions? Or is it something more sinister? Let's listen to more and see....

"So what does this mean? What it means to me is this idea if only we could have a little more courage and felt a little easier about the support we do have and confident....they wouldn't be able to stand against us. The measures that are being taken in parts of the US in particular and England and other places are very seriously unconstitutional. They are really pushing the limits of what any society is or should be permitted to do for a segment of the population and that must change. Right now it won't change because the people who are pushing these agendas have almost free reign still it is very difficult for those in our position to stand up and make a clearer argument."

Here we go again. Let's repeat ....not every country has legislated free speech, Albert. Sorry to burst your bubble but even England is not protected under OUR constitution. Neither are you as a matter of fact. You see, James, the American Constitution doesn't extend to Sechelt, British Columbia. But let's continue....

"It is one thing to point at what's wrong with the measures being applied here but that sort of gets washed away when the people pushing the measures...go 'well its to protect the children...obviously we have to take extreme measures because there's an extreme danger here'. That's bullshit. There is no extreme danger. There's never been an extreme danger. There have been cases there are incidents but its never been as serious as people would like to believe."

Hmmm... 1 out of 6 children will be molested every year? Or whatever statistic you choose to use........I just can't help but wonder how many it would take for James to consider it a problem. Oh wait, I forgot.....he thinks they are all consensual.

"'re gonna hate're gonna scream at me.......but when I think of Girl Chat, I think of you guys.....forgive dwarves sitting there in your smelly little cave....your vast layers of terrified security discussing bravely the horrible terror that you live in. Yes, I know it is horrible and yes I know it is a terror. But, oh boy, if only we could just accept that we have a right and we'd be there, and all of this wouldn't be a problem. It's beautiful, because if we could, if we could actually just be........

.......what's left of the damaged ones, the hurt ones, the people who do want to kill us, the people will in fact present a threat to us.......there aren't that many of them. Perverted Justice for instance is not a huge organization, it's way tinier than any of our forums. It's a bunch of really not very bright people and they won't show up very well in front of the general public. You know if it came down to an argument in public between us and them - we'd win. There's no question that we'd carry the day under those circumstances. What they're doing can't stand the light of reason, so what I guess I'm trying to say is that we're actually helping to keep the darkness in place by the way we're acting and the difficulty of course is that it's safe what we're doing. It's not much of a life but it's safe and we don't have to worry too much as long as we're careful. We're not gonna get hurt. But, what are we losing, what are we giving away in exchange for that? So it's not something I can advise anyone else to do. I've taken the step for myself and I wanted to find out.....I got sick of being caught in this dark space and find out what the reality was and.....Come on out, man, the water's fine."

The water is indeed fine because, you see, AlbertRoss is getting smaller and smaller. First he gave us glimpses of his lean-to with the plastic walls, the high-speed internet and the garbage on the floor. Then he tried redecorating by hanging sheets behind him. Then he crawled off into the corner and said it was for protection from the elements. Perhaps that's why he smokes continuously in the little closed's his heat source. But now, he's showing less and less of himself until his most recent video, of which there's been about 40 so far, you can only see his eyes. Pretty soon the only thing that will remain is a black screen.

To all the little dwarves in their smelly little caves.........Come out, come out wherever you are!
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