Lindsay Slipped ~ Oops

Monday, April 23, 2007

Is anyone here aware of the new effort against Lindsay Ashford? Petra Luna is calling for search engines to de-list Lindsay. (Hey Lindsay, here's a clue.....they can). Petra went on KTRH Newsradio and was interviewed by Scott Braddock concerning this effort. You can listen to it HERE

Scott also interviewed Lindsay. You can listen to it at the same location....if you can stomach it. It was mostly just more of the same old nauseating drivel that emanates from the words and writings of this sick twisted sissy-man. But there were a few things from the interview that I wanted to make note of. Let's start here:
Scott: Do you think that children who have any type of sex with adults grow up to be well adjusted?
Lindsay: I think that some do.
Scott: Do you know of any?
Lindsay: I know of people who had sexual encounters when they were elementary school age children.
Scott: And you think they're alright?
Lindsay: I think they're fine.
Let's stop there and first look at his one-time partner Todd Nickerson. Todd was molested as a small boy, I believe it was a fondling episode. To this day he can't come to terms with it. "Did the man care for me?" He still asks himself. Well, Todd, I'm sorry to say, that no, no the man did not care for you. He merely groped you, that's what perverts do. When you go on one of your rants, when you're confused and tormented by are asking the wrong people for advice when you go to GirlChat for answers. They are perverts! What do you expect? Perhaps you should try writing a survivor letter to your abuser instead.

As for Lindsay, he failed to tell Scott Braddock that he himself was molested by his babysitter when he was 4 years old. He failed to tell Scott about how he never told anyone, how it tormented him and he thought of it as a trauma, how screwed up it made him when he was going through puberty. He failed to tell Scott about his multiple suicide attempts and his bipolar disorder. His multiple hospitalizations in mental institutions and how he is still not alright to this very day. Yeah he left off that part. But, moving on....
Scott: So there should be no laws regarding people who for example do what most people consider to be molestation of children?
Lindsay: I think that there should be laws against any form of sexual contact which are obtained by force, coercion,manipulation or deception.
What? Lindsay agrees! There should be no deception! Then what do you call all that rubbish on your website, Lindsay? All those twisted and skewed academic articles? The twisting of Ken Lanning for example, and gosh darn even the DOJ report, you've screwed that up too! How do you explain the ethics behind manipulation of facts for the purpose of deceiving people, which is in turn to create some sort of change of opinion about you and yours?

How do you explain your actions? That's not why would you feel people should take what you say seriously and believe you when you say that you wouldn't harm a child under any circumstances when your entire website is a purposeful misrepresentation? Why should they believe you when you say that a child who was abused wasn't really abused? Or when you say your website is not hosted in the Evil Empire then try to claim free speech protection under the American Constitution? Why should they trust you to be a fine, up-standing man when you post what you know to be a form letter from StC....which they rescinded...and you leave it there when they request it be removed and your sole purpose is to deceive people into believing that StC endorses you?

Why should they feel anything other than repugnance when they see you mock society....or children who were abused, or murdered? You are a walking, talking, breathing LIE, Lindsay Ashford. You are dishonest, unethical, calculating, malicious, and unconscionable. But there's more:
Lindsay: I think that so long as there is consent and respect that children should be allowed to....
Scott: Do you think that a 5 year old grasps what's going on well enough to be able to consent to sexual activity?
Lindsay: A 5 year old understands friendship. A 5 year old understands affection.
Scott: So can a 2 year old?
Lindsay: A 2 year old understands pleasure.
Scott: So they can consent to sex?
Lindsay: They can consent to pleasurable activity
Scott: Can a 6 month old do that?
Lindsay: I'm sure that 6 months old also have nerve endings and understanding and an understanding of what is pleasurable to them, yes
Scott: So a 6 month old can consent to sex
Lindsay: A 6 month old can consent to activity that it finds pleasurable
Scott: And so you don't understand why you get death threats?
There you have it. A condensed version, but if you can bear it go listen to the entire thing. Let's see what the girl chatters had to say about their hero
Hayaku: She should get the hell of the internet. The last frontier of free speech, and a very exciting one, and a bunch of mentally ill christofascist bitches with nothing better to do than make stupid petitions and complaints try and spoil it all.
albertross: lindsay - you hit every ball home - i could almost believe your interviewer was feeding you lines from a script - he was classic, and you walked him smack into every wall on the court. well played, sir - absolutely impeccable.
Was he listening to the same interview I was??
Elminster: You're my fucking hero, dude! You have balls the size of Jupiter!
Student: Aside from being articulate, you have a delightful accent, man.
LOL, read more about that here.

"The Brits are really surprised when I say I'm
American, because my accent is really good, so
I'd say that I'm the second American who can pull it off."

For the record, he's from San Francisco and if you listen carefully you'll hear him slip sometimes when he's talking. Some things you can only fake for so long, in fact he did it in this interview.
Student: That 6-month-old baby he threw at you was uncalled for. I suppose he was just trying to trip you up and test you for consistency, but it certainly drove down the amount of rational thought going on in his listening audience, which was already pretty low. Lindsay, you have Balls of Titanium
Hierophant: I was almost in tears luaghing at the Texas radio host.
Trucker: TOOT TOOT!!! (NT)
Hayaku: More nutjobs that make no sense fighting us. Makes us look like the smart ones.
SUNDAYS AND CYBELE: cant wait for judgement day and the 2nd coming. BURN ANTI'S BURN!
Febri-chan: God bless puellula and Mr. Ashford until and beyond the end of the world!
Norbert: Who made a better case?
LOL I believe that was a rhetorical question.
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