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Monday, April 02, 2007

From Fox News: “There’s a website that tells young girls it’s okay to let men touch them inappropriately.”

I feel no need to describe again what this website Sugar and Spice is about as we just recently talked about it HERE However, when Lindsay puts on his grooming voice, or his mocking voice, or his in-your-face-I-can-do-whatever-I-want voice, I think it needs to be discussed again. And of course Lindsay Ashford had a lot to say about this story. A lot.
Sugar and Spice presents the truth about physical intimacy and girllove to young girls
Sugar and Spice has the audacity to say – in a space specifically intended for young girls – that not only is intimacy with another person very nice, but that it is nice even when that other person is an adult…..
Then it dares to encourage these same young girls to challenge laws that make such contact illegal.
And then, referring to the understandable outrage of parents he retorts:
Of course, such activity has been declared illegal in most places and Sugar and Spice clearly states this, but it certainly would not do to have children learning that their parents, schools, churches and lawmakers are lying to them when they say that all intimate touching is ‘bad touch’
So be it. Let them be outraged and disgusted. I will continue to speak the truth.
Ok, let’s stop right here and look at that before we continue. We just recently talked about the fact that one of the results of child molestation is the destruction of the child’s ability to trust. And now here we have Lindsay before you today explaining one of the ways it works. Never mind that children are dependent upon their parents, that children need to be able to trust their parents, that generally speaking it is the closest and most selfless relationship with another person that they will ever have until they are grown. Lindsay wants to destroy it. He wants to take a vulnerable child…..and she most certainly would be if she went looking for answers on Lindsay's website……and confuse her with pedo logic. What is she to take away from this encounter with Lindsay Ashford?

That every single person in her life is a liar? That they are all selfish and have no respect for her person? That society as a whole has manufactured a system to rob her of her sexuality and to persecute perverts? So what exactly does she learn from this? How does it help her? How does it harm her?

This is pedophile terrorism. To completely undermine a parents responsibility for the safety and well-being of his child and replace it with cognitive distortions and pedo-logic. He challenges the child to go out and fight his battles! Encouraging them to challenge laws when kids this age, adolescents most likely are at one of the biggest turning points in their life. Not quite an adult and not quite a child. THAT is who Lindsay would call upon to fight his battles. But then, Lindsay is well known for delegation, for manipulating people into doing his bidding.

One encounter with you and your website, Lindsay, leaves them dangling – who do they believe? Who do they trust? You leave your nasty mark on them without even knowing who they are….what they look like, what kind of problems they may be having. WHY?? Because little girls are merely objects to you….and not only would you have laws meant to protect children abolished so that you can destroy children legally – But you attempt to destroy the girls in your attempt to destroy them.

YOU, Lindsay Ashford say that the harm to children comes from society’s reaction to child sexual abuse. Why then, as a self-proclaimed child-lover would you encourage them to go out and fight a battle that would put them in the same situation you are in? Running from place to place, an undesirable and hated element of society should have made you aware of what you would expose kids to if you manipulated them into fighting for something that they do not want. Something that is solely for your own benefit.

Now you and your pedophile buds would say that children don’t lobby for ‘their own liberation’ because they are repressed elements of society and have no voice. Hmmm This comes from the same men who say that children, even the youngest among them can give consent to sexual contact..... and use a child refusing to eat his peas as an example. Now see, you just can’t have it both ways.

Kids experiment – they develop. You want to inflict this on them at YOUR speed, not their own. Not only that, you want to drive a wedge between them and their parents...the destruction of trust. (It makes kids easier to groom from what I've read) You want to play with little minds – young souls who are vulnerable to influences — who do they trust—their parents who brought them into this world and are ultimately responsible for them or the pervert who wants to exploit them by sending them into battle armed with an incomplete understanding of the issue and an immature knowledge of the world.

Continuing on. Lindsay approached this story the same way he usually does. STRIKE BACK. Just mow the accuser down. He does this with personal attacks about things that have absolutely no bearing on the original complaint. For instance he complains that the woman who reported Sugar and Spice was overweight. But then decided that he felt no need for PC speech and proceeded to launch into an attack of her physical attributes and to predict what sorts of foods she ate and drinks she consumed.
Too many fried catfish, hush puppies and fast food washed down with a surfeit of cola and other fizzy drinks...and not of the diet variety.
Oh, then….perhaps these empty drink containers mixed with the trash and the laundry at Albert Ross’s place…would that be the type you think she drinks?

Or perhaps when you attacked a woman whose daughter was raped and murdered and found her image on your website……and you decided to attack her personally rather than face how understandably outrageous this memorial site would seem to people. Let’s see, you found that she had problems with her housekeeping. Soo I’m just asking you what does it have to do with the fact that she doesn’t want her daughters image on your website? I wonder Lindsay since you gave a long lecture about the importance of cleanliness and how even the poorest among us could keep their meager belongings tidy, if you were referring to someone besides this woman. Maybe someone more like, oh Albert Ross for instance

Perhaps did you forget to include the condition of Kevin Brown's home when Child Protective Services came to take his son away? I don’t know Lindsay. It seems to me that you might want to include him also, since – after all—your sole agenda is the welfare of the child. Right?

Oh but maybe that’s part of what Abraxas was referring to when he said he would protect his pedo-brothers no matter what. And remember now, NO SNITCHING!

And when you speak of little girls WANTING to have physical relationships with old dudes like you and um Albert Ross...

I wonder if you actually do believe that a little girl wants to be kissed by something like oh maybe.... Albert Ross?

Or to be fondled by hands like these?

Oh but maybe I’ve misunderstood you. Have I? What were you thinking when you wrote these things? Maybe you just WEREN’T. Thinking that is. Perhaps you were just….oh, I don’t know DROPPING ACID maybe?

You are absolutely correct, being a girl lover does come with responsibilities. Taking drugs also comes with responsibilities. I accept the responsibilities of both a girl lover and a drug taker. I would only correct you only on one thing. I do not ever 'lose myself in the abandon of an artificial state of euphoria" thus I do not risk losing myself. I do not use drugs as an escape, but as an affirmation of who I am. I maintain control of my mental faculties, whilst I let the dragon out of his cage for a season...

And when you replied regarding the Fox News account of this woman who had objections to you trying to influence and manipulate children and you replied:

Is teaching one's children by example to lead an unhealthy lifestyle not dangerous? Is this not in itself a form of child abuse? Sex is better for this child than a poor diet, that is for certain.
I'm sure that you weren't referring to your own unhealthy habits, were you Lindsay? Are you...Lindsay Ashford...the all-knowing expert on raising children? Are you...Lindsay Ashford...the best your community has to offer?
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