Friday, April 27, 2007

Is science-fiction Big-Three Member (Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, ACC) author Arthur C. Clarke a pedophile?

Did he leave the UK for Colombo, Sri Lanka due to his diving proclivities or others? Unawares: Sri Lanka happens to be the global capital for boy prostitutes.


[1] In 1953, Clarke married Marilyn Mayfield, an American. The relationship ended a mere 6 months later. Though Clarke is generally unwilling to discuss his sexuality, on this matter he explained: "The marriage was incompatible from the beginning. It was sufficient proof that I wasn't the marrying type, although I think everybody should marry once."

SciFi saint or closet refusist?

Arthur C. Clarke was in the news. Just days before he was due to be knighted by Prince Charles the reactionary old science fiction writer and 'futurist' had confessed to being a common pederast, preying on the impoverished boys of Sri Lanka, where he had lived like some sort of honoured cultural icon and patron saint of 'sex tours' for four decades. I had always wondered why he moved there and now the old bastard had just blurted it out.

Weigh in.

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