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Friday, April 13, 2007

Somewhere out there, there is a child that needs to be commended.

She was at the airport recently, with her family, saying goodbye to her grandparents. As she was enjoying the last few minutes of time with them, her peaceful carefree moment was lost with the sad realisation that some deviant pervert was staring her down. And, she did what all children should be taught to do when an adult is making them uncomfortable- she spoke up and informed her mother. And it's a good thing she did. As it may have just been the very thing that saved her.

The following link goes directly to Girlchat, a message board used by pedophiles as a source of degrading and exploiting the innocence of our children. The message was wrote by Jensman on Friday, April 13 2007, and in it he describes how he stared at a young girl, listening in on the conversation the family was having- hoping to, in his words "dying to find out how old she was, where she was going, where she lived, everything I could find out about her".

LINK TO PERV MESSAGE- Oh, my, how do I describe the other girl? This is beyond me, but I'll try.

In the face, she's eight or nine. But she has a Liza Minelli style haircut [though a different color] which looks completely out of place on her almost babyish face, which is very very pale and round, with hints of baby fat under the ears, though otherwise she's extremely slender, even skinny. [My type, in other words.]

She's exactly the same height as her sister, which is mind-boggling to me, given the apparent age of her face. She has the slenderest long neck I've ever seen, gazelle-like. She's wearing hip-hugger tight pants and a short shirt which leaves her midriff completely bare all the way around, but especially in front, where the shirt material is pulled up into a sort of inverted V. [My goodness, aren't navels WONDERFUL?]

As if the fact that he is turning a child 8 or 9 years old into some sort of sexual object in his mind wasn't bad enough:

Suddenly, I am alarmed to hear the younger girl say, to her mom. "There's a guy over there in an orange shirt who keeps staring at me." As I have an orange shirt on, there's no doubt in my mind who she means. Quickly I shift my posture slightly and aim my focus elsewhere, so that the mother will perceive me staring somewhere 'else,' ANYWHERE else! Which is what happens.

The mother's reply is voiced too low for me to hear, but it evidently pacifies the child, and the girl never looks my way again. Nor does the mom, so far as I can tell.

I'm meanwhile frantically playing over various possible explanations if this all leads to a confrontation. "I was just trying to figure out how old she is," sounds pretty lame. "I was staring because she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life," probably doesn't help any. There's no way I'm going to deny having stared. I owe the girl that much honesty, if push comes to shove. Besides which, I can't be the only man who has ever stared at her. She's outrageously gorgeous.

The three of them, mother and two girls, finally board the plane and wave goodbye just before they disappear inside. I feel like waving back, but don't, having been caught staring.

Ordinarily, in a situation like this, I would now approach the grandparents, strike up a conversation about the airport, or the weather, or something, and eventually get around to commenting about the two grandchildren, and try to find out surreptitiously where they live. Not that I will do anything with that information if I get it, other than to store it away for possible future reference. I would probably also try to find out the two girls' ages.

Ordinarily? In a situation like this? So now we know that this sick freak makes a habit of stalking out young girls, and then attempting to find out where they live- for possible future reference??

Thankfully, the young girl alerting her mother to this most like prevented this man from finding out "everything about her" as he'd wished he could have. And, while we should all be thankful of that- we should all also take note of the "advice" he then gives his other pedophile freak friends on how to avoid situations like this one:

1. If you must stare, do it more covertly in future.

2. Be thankful for small blessings. Rather than bemoaning the fact that you'll never see this girl again, be thankful you got to see her this once.

3. Be thankful for moms who are not paranoid. This mom could easily have gotten out of line and come over and confronted me. The airport security was very lax, and no one would have tried to stop her getting out of line after she had already passed through the screening.

4. Be glad you had the instinct to move thirty feet away.

5. Be more aware that girls these days are instructed to be aware of men like me and report events to their moms.

Parents, be paranoid. Because walking over to this man would not have been out of line- not for the simple fact that he was stalking your child, hoping to find out where she lived for, like he said, "possible future reference". One moment of standing up and defending your child from the sick likes of this man is well worth it- and it beats having this perv actually finding out where your children are.

I tell you constantly, we can never be too safe, we can never protect our children from these deviant sexual predators too much. There should be nothing that we wouldn't do if it meant keeping our children safe.
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