Who is alistaircato?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

If you know.... *I* want to know. Is this a new pedofreak on the scene who hasn't yet learned the ropes? Is he so obsessed that he's oblivious to rules of conduct? Well, that wouldn't be unusual but this guy is simply over the top!

He shows up out of nowhere on GirlChat begging.....repeatedly for people to join his Myspace community....or his Live Journal. And while we all already know about LJ....it's simply infested with pedophiles, still I had to go check it out....didn't I? Now this little freak wants some attention and I think we should give him some.

alistaircato -- Aussie Girl Lover
Location: ballarat, victoria, Australia
Birthdate: 1977-08-02

What are you trying to find alistaircato? What sort of people are you trying to attract to you? You listed 140 different interests and the only one that stands apart from the others is GOLF. Do you want to associate with people who would list these things as their interests? Well I suppose you do considering they are YOUR interests. Here's a sampling of what alistair is looking for:
barebacking, blowjobs, bondage, boy love, boybliss, boychat, boylove, boys in panties, child abuse, child fucking, child love, child molestation, child molesting, child nudity, child porn, child pornography, child sexual abuse, child sexuality, childlove, consentual incest, consentual underage sex, dad/son, daddy/boy, daddy/daughter, daddy/little girl, daddy/son, dating preteens, deflowering preteen virgins, family love, fantasies, fantasizing, fantasy, female pedophiles, forbidden love, fucking kids, fucking little kids, fucking young girls, girl love, girlchat, girllove, girls, gl, incest, kiddie porn, kinky sex, little boys, little girls, lolita, lust, man/boy, men fucking young girls, molestation, molester, mommy/daughter, mother/daughter, naughty mommy, naughty schoolgirl, nude preteens, nudists, oral sex, orgies, pederasty, pedo, pedologues, pedophile, pedophile activism, pedophiles, pedophilia, pedosexuality, perversion, perverted stories, perverts, porn, pornography, prepubescence, preschool, preteen, preteen ass, preteen boys, preteen girls, preteen girls fucking adults, preteen sex, preteen sexuality, preteens, preteens raping adults, preteens wanting adult boyfriends, pubescence, puellula, purity, rape, school girls, schoolgirls, security, sex, sexual freedom, sin, small boobs, small cocks, statutory rape, taboo sex, twincest, under 18, underage, underage sex, underground porn, unprotected, virgins, woman/boy, young boys, young girls, young little boys
If you go check it out, be sure and check out the people he's added as friends. It's an eye-opener to be sure. I suppose this is just one of the reasons that Perverted-Justice has listed Live Journal as a Corporate Sex Offender. Let's try to help LJ clean up their act, shall we? Report any blogs you see here that are definitely outside LJ's own terms of service by clicking HERE
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