Marking the Occasion

Saturday, June 27, 2009

To mark the occasion of International Boylove Day, it seems that Wikisposure is doing their own part in raising awareness about pedophile activists on the internet...

CapNemo A.K.A. Gary Anderson

"6-12. As soon as they reach adolescence with pimples, hair - yuck."
Boypower A.K.A. Mark Speary

"In reply to "Sex with a boy?"

Quote: Yeah my vote is Yes-if I saw him naked I'd have to touch him

If I get caught boy with naked,I'd have to playing with his penis and balls with tickling'"

Justinian_Draconis A.K.A. Bean's Shadow A.K.A. Justin-Georges Coulombe

"I look forward to the day when being a BL, intergenerationalist, Ephebophilia, Hebephilia, or any other words we use to describe our relationships, are no longer a thing to be feared and hated by so many, but are instead a welcomed and encouraged members of society."
Kaylor A.K.A. Michael Matthew Kaylor

"I recognize that "pedophilia" is as legitimate and noble and ancient as "pederasty". "

However, "pedophilia is a very hard sell" ... and I believe, given various medical, philosophical, psychological, ethical, familial, legal, regional (see foo), economic (see valerio and foo), cultural, social, etc., factors, it would be "a less hard sell" to sell "pederasty". "
Nycalvin A.K.A. Peter Cowell

"17:00 * nycalvin saw a vid today of a 12yo jacking off!
17:00 <> and if their voices haven't changed
17:01 <> and, yes, i still have it!
17:01 <> surfing the forbidden sites, nycalvin?
17:01 <> yes, orestes!"
Keith A.K.A. Roger Keith Bloemers

"I am married, a father and a grandfather and still find myself drawn to boys. I love boys!"
Rhite A.K.A. Richard Hite

"i have made a chat room, every one who has been to it really likes it, i am trying to get it to be a way to meet boylovers or girllovers through out the net, and share thoughts...."
Damian A.K.A. Kyle Stanko

"i have something totally shocking to tell you all but i cant post it here.. wow i am going to need all the advice i can get... holy shit this is the turn of the century for me..let's just put it this way, im now an official bl'er..(the totally satisfied and scared shitless) Damian.."
Daze A.K.A. Danja Arend

"Don't forget that boylovers aren't just full of lust like everyone wants you to think. We really DO care about kids, and we don't want anyone to hurt em. Just wanting to do it "up the bum" isn't a part of being a boylover. It's caring. Hell, most of us don't even WANNA have sex with children."
Kalinnan A.K.A. Jessica Massey

"However, with me, it's the innocence of childhood that I'm attracted to, so if that went away, it'd be like a marriage in which one person changed and the other didn't. It would have to end..."

To read more about the individuals above, visit Wikisposure.
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