'I would have cheered him'

Saturday, June 06, 2009

There was a warrant for Jose Carrasquillo (left) on another case and a history of 17 previous arrests for multiple crimes including rape when law enforcement issued an urgent request for help finding him.

He was a suspect in the investigation of the brutal rape of an 11-year old girl:

"The incident occurred near Conwell Middle School, only a few blocks from their rowhouse. The girl had just dropped her 4-year-old sister off at a daycare and was heading to school that morning, alone, when Carrasquillo pounced, police said. He told her he had a gun and forced her to follow him six blocks to an alley, police said."

"The attack was so brutal that the child had to be hospitalized and required surgery. Her attacker is not alleged to have beaten her - the surgery was required because of the ferocity of the sexual assault."

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey urged anyone who might have information to call the police, saying the attacker "is not someone we can afford to have on our streets for any length of time."

"We've got to get this guy, and we've got to get him quick," Ramsey said.

Jose Carrasquillo was also accused of "groping" two other students on the same day, following one into a high school and trying to force his way into a day care. Authorities made it clear that they were interested in Carrasquillo, and considered time of the utmost importance to prevent another child from suffering the same type of assault. Approximately 40 minutes after the request Carrasquillo was detained by members of the public:
Investigators canvassed the neighborhood showing Carasquillo's photo.

Then, on Tuesday afternoon, surveillance video from a business at the corner of Front and Clearfield streets captured Vargas and Genval confronting Carasquillo. One of them is even shown holding a newspaper with a police composite sketch of the attacker next to Carasquillo's face before beating him down and holding him for police.

The two men who identified and detained Carasquillo, David Vargas and Fernando Genval recieved a reward of $11,500 which they split:
"We want to present these checks to you and say thank you for stepping up," FOP President John McNesby said Friday as he presented the checks.
McNesby says Genaval and Vargas donated some of the reward back to the Police Survivors Fund and some to the family of the victim.
So, what you have is someone who was very highly sought after, for possibly intimidating an 11-year old girl into an alley with threats that he had a gun, before raping her repeatedly to the point where she was hospitalized and required surgery. Members of the public chased down Carrasquillo, and a crowd of concerned people attacked and helped detain him until Police arrived. Let's get the GirlChat "Girl-Lovers" take on the matter:

Even if this man is the guilty party, condoning the lynching of any suspect for any crime is abhorrent.

The message now is that it is okay to beat up and lynch pedophiles.
Here you have a man who likely raped an 11-year old girl and Shadowdweller can't understand why people might be feel hostility toward him, BlackMyHeart responds...

Actually, the message is that it's OK to beat up suspected rapists.

Don't make the mistake of thinking this guy is on our side, if he's guilty of the crime in question. Don't use the word 'pedophile' the way everyone else does. If he raped the girl, he got what he deserved, though I don't condone the actions of the vigilante mob, and think they should be punished.
That's enough to set child-stalker Jack McClellan off.

Jack McClellan
The way I see it, he clearly would have been justified responding to such potentially lethal force with lethal force, pulling out a gun, and blowing those vigilantes/cop wanna-bees some new buttholes. And if he did, I would have cheered him and considered it a victory for our side--not because I consider ethical pedos such as ourselves to be the equivalent of someone who forcibly rapes children, but because I've personally experienced numerous times that most of the general public (including cops who should know better) do.
What a victory for "Girl-Love" - This is how a man who describes himself as a "Child-Lover" responds; claiming that it would be victory if a man who is a suspected child-rapist, attacked members of the public, trying to detain him. And Jack's not alone in his belief, at least not at GirlChat, here's how some of the other "Girl-Lovers" responded to him:

We don't know that the "rape" of the 11f was actually a rape, instead of only classified and prosecuted as such because of the law.
awesome post

And for those already convicted of molesting children? Let's check the absolute brilliance of the deliriously impulsive Zman who believes that citizens acting on a request from law enforcement to detain a man believed to be an extreme risk and who was already wanted by authorities will somehow get sex offender laws repealed. It's baffling, what does one have to do with the other?

This proves the public cannot handle the information they receive, and the police need to stop releasing this information, and just do their jobs!!!

Keep it up folks, you will help get the sex offender laws repealed.

Heroes my a__, they are vigilantes who should be arrested.

"It's shocking that the police are not going to do anything in response to what is essentially mob violence against this guy"
But the police DID do something. They gave them a reward.

Enough with the pedofreaks

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey
"There is something called a citizen's arrest

Video surveillance shows the suspect trying to flee and the crowd acted to prevent him from getting away."
And here's what the father of the 11-year old girl had to say about David Vargas and Fernando Genval
...As for the men who captured Carrasquillo, the father calls them "heroes" who cared enough about a little girl to take action.
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