International Boylove Day - 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

Each year pedophiles with a sexual attraction to boys, celebrate 'International Boylove Day.' The day is a celebration of pedophilia, and perverts are encouraged spread myths of what they're "really" about. This year International Boylove Day is Saturday, June the 27th.

As part of their celebration, many pedophiles will light a blue candle, and leave it in a public place with message in the form of a note.

Antis all over the world protest the day by lighting white candles as a symbol of childrens innocence, and use the day as opportunity to raise awareness about sick people who want to hurt children to satisfy their disgusting sexual urges.

If you have a website/blog, you can raise awareness about International Boylove Day by placing this banner on your website:

Protest International Boylove Day!
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