GirlChat says 'Kudos to Stossel'

Friday, April 11, 2008

We've mentioned before how ABC's 20/20 show challenging Age of Consent laws focused not just on consenting teenagers caught on the registry, but on sex offender laws in general. People whose crimes look nothing like teenagers being caught up for having consensual sex, so is it any wonder that members of the online pedophile community 'GirlChat' (for pedophiles favoring female victims) had this to say about 20/20's show:


Kudos to Stossel for being one of the first Nons to start questioning these laws and the cultural mores that stand behind them, along with showing up a fanatical totalitarian bully like Petra Luna.
i believe it was Stossel who was the first to "go after" NBC for their "To Catch a Predator" show.

Any way, I've emailed my applause and support for what he's doing.
infact, I've started shopping at Amazon all the time because of their stances. I think I'll start watching 20/20 a lot more now too.
Catherine N.X:
This is fucking excellent. John Stossel interviews Petra Luna and basically clowns her (rather, gets her to make a fool of herself), and totally sticks up for Jan Kruska.
I would be more impressed, honestly, if I saw John Stossel defending Jack McClellan. But I admit, it has to start somewhere, as I'm sure someone will remind me for making this post.
Well, John Stossel certainly won the support of a section of society which seeks quite literally to legalize pedophilia and child sexual abuse, you have to ask yourself whether these are the kind of responses you'd expect to be getting from a television show like 20/20 which is owned by the children's company, Walt Disney.
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