How would you go?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A week ago, GirlChat member, Tillion stopped by and left this comment about why pedophiles go to GirlChat:
"Well, I'll give you a straight answer. First, those at GC aren't rogues. most of them are just trying to find answers, like anyone else is. No-one chooses to be a ped, you know, and there's no-where else for them to get answers to the questions that they wanna ask."
So they're just trying to "find answers like anyone else?" Well, over on GirlChat Ominous asked this question:
"Let's say that sex with LGs became legal tomorrw.."
"How would you go about having a relationship with a LG, anyways, considering that their parents (who most likely eouldn't approve) would probably find out what you're doing with their kid eventually?"
To which Lgsinmyheart answers:
"How would I go? I would not really care. All the time children do things that their parents don't know anything about. Usually, when and because their parents wouldn't approve of it, and the children know that. If I don't have to fear the law, then I would simply let them manage this level of secrecy as they see fit. It would not be difficult at all."
Does this sound like someone looking for answers? They've already made up their minds and decided that they have a right to take advantage of little kids to satisfy their perverted sexual desires.
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