"As a boy, I was a toy. As a man, I played with toys"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

boylover.net, sometimes referred to as BL.net, is a private, members only forum, on which pedophiles can share their interest in young boys, and their views on pedophilia. Read more about this pedophile forum on Wikisposure

While you're there at Wikisposure read the Sosen Staff entry regarding the happenings behind the scenes at Sosen. Read how the staff was more concerned with someone finding out that the executive director of SoHopeful - Jim Freeman - was a ring leader in "the greatest group of pedos on the internet" than they were in trying to determine how he had fooled them all and how to prevent such a thing from happening again. And of course you might ask yourself why they named this man - TMaximus - to be their webmaster. Or why they put up that silly disclaimer saying you couldn't be a member of GirlChat or BoyChat and that you should report someone to "staff" if you found they were. Did they think those were the only pedogroups on the internet? And how do you report such behavior by a staff member to a staff member? Or perhaps you should just ask yourself exactly WHY we recognized what Walter Howard was and yet they never blinked an eye no matter how outrageous his rhetoric. Check it out: TMaximus, proud member of boylover.net, Sosen, Soclear, Rights and Law Network, etc
For me, it's a part of reliving the better years of my life. The hugging, kissing, and innocent touching that sends me into orbit.
I love to caress and massage a teen boy, because I remember how that felt for me when it was done.

If there's a teen boy that needs an older online brother here on BL.net, drop me a line. We can have a great online relationship/experience.
I Love the sexual stimulation and the companionship of another boy. {I still consider myself a boy at heart, but the wrinkles of my aging say other things}. I missed out on so many boyhood things that I should have experienced but was not able to. Perhaps it's my longing to relive my adolescence that keeps me fixated on teen boys?
I'm pretty much fixated on teens. That's not to say that I don't have "attractions" to younger boys, because I do.
There was a time when all I wanted was the sex. I had no understanding for Love and it's accountability. As a boy, I was a toy. As a man, I played with toys.
I love doing non sexual things with my young friends more than anything else. They enlighten me, encourage me, inspire me respect me. And they do it because they want to. Not because of gifts, bribes or exploitation. With every young friend I meet, a piece to this puzzle is found, and the picture thats being created is becoming more clear. It's not such a bad picture at all. The picture is darkened only when the love between us goes awry.
I've heard tell, in my fantasy world, that little ones are angels in disguise. But when I look at children today, I see the two little horns hanging out the sides of there angelic little skulls.

On the other hand, is it dangerous to flirt with little devils?
I know that my attractions involve mostly physical attributes, as I talked about in another thread.

For me, the perfect YF would be emotionally stable and mentally curious / inquisitive.

If anyone knows of such a kid, let me know. Tell me about him. That's all, just tell me about him
BLers and RSO's have a simple thing in common. Persecution from a bigoted society and a hypocritical judicial system.

I hate to say this, because I once Loved this Country, but this is not America anymore. Our Government representatives have legislated the bill of rights out of our system.

There's an awful lot of bogus information / ideas about boy lovers and RSO's. We certainly do have a lot in common.
I think the main issue that's plaguing all of us is the LAW.
The "public" believes that the actions of boy lovers are very damaging. I personally think that the public's response to sexual events is a bit too much, but who am I to question a boy's parents?

I had what I believed to be consensual sexual relations with several teen boys {for sums of money}. When my money ran low, one of the boys turned me in.

About 5 years into my prison bid, I learned that all the boys were exposed as "prostitutes." I boy committed suicide, two are now heroin junkies, and the 4th boy is doing well.
During my years in prison, I agreed to do sex offender treatment. I learned alot, but it all boils down to people not minding their own business. That's what does the most harm. If a boy has had sexual relations with a grown man, and feels upset, then, he should accept responsibility and be accountable for his own choices. However, boys are easily exploited {Money}, and will regret their actions later on. This is also responsible for their guilt, shame, and some times, depression.

I'd be lying if I told you I am no longer attracted to teen boys. I am still attracted, and always will be. However, I doubt I would ever put myself in that same type of jeopardy again. I would also recommend to others that you carefully consider your approach and actions with boys. Several American States have added the death penalty to child molestation laws.

I personally wish relationships with boys were legal, because sex is not that big of deal, until others decide not to mind their business. Kids who induldge with adults often commit social suicide by revealing their encounters. Sex is, and should remain a private matter unless it is forced, or there is exploitation involved.
I truly Love Boys, and never meant any harm. As a small boy, and into my twenties, I had sexual affairs with older men. I wasn't harmed by them. I was harmed by the pseudo-religious-intellectuals that have a hankering for dictating moral policy to the world, and other people who love to get into other peoples personal business.

America is in a crisis my friends... Civil rights are being stripped from citizens "accused" of certain crimes. The days of "innocent until proven guilty" are a thing of the past. The madness against sex offenders is only the beginning I believe. There will come a time when citizens other than sex offenders, boy lovers, and pedophiles will be deemed internal / domestic terrorists. Then it will move to another faction, like domestic abusers... etc...

Genitalmen, we need to start talking up {openly in society} about the government passing new and abusive laws that violate our constitution. Don't sit back and watch what happens, because it may be your door the next group of murderers knock on.

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