So long as we don't get caught

Monday, May 11, 2009

From the time Skull Dander A.K.A. Clinton Labombard started posting on GirlChat, he brought his own brand of distorted semi-militant-pedo-rants into the mix. Clinton took pride in being vocal and aggressively defensive of pedophilia, and like many of his GirlChat brethren, he considered his fight for the legalization of adults having sex with children, similar to homosexuals seeking the rights to have relationships with other adults:

"This is a message board that promotes the rights of pedophiles --that is tantamount in the eyes of the anti-pedophilia majority to raising pedophiles to the level of homosexuals in order to give them free reign to act out their desires. They can't have that. It disgusts them to the point of making something up in order to get rid of you. They *will* do it, just as they libelled me for being different --there is no point in being quiet when they will only hit you harder. Fight them.

Do you understand this?

Fight them --destroy them!"

Fight them, destroy them, proclaim your pride in being a pedophile to a Police Officer...

GirlChat Webmaster:
But I doubt you want to go up to a cop and shout "I'm a pedophile and I want to have sex with your daughter" in his ear with a bullhorn! or Walk down the street with your own "Ped-Pride Day" parade chanting "We're loud, we're proud, We want to date your child!"
Skull Dander responds:
Why the hell not? You seem awfully afraid to state your mind. I'm not afraid to state my mind and do so very frequently. I make the waves. Feel free to swallow your fill of water --if that's what you want, but I suggest that if you intend to make this work, then you 'had better' learn to make waves with the rest of us renegade Time Lords.
Clinton was full of pedo-pride and he had his own philosophy to support him:
I would have to say --in all honesty-- that it doesn't matter how young or old the little cutie is, so long as we don't get caught.
"Q: Should girl-love be legal?"
Yes. It should be legal. Personally, I find the illegality of it no more than an empty practice of both control over children and blind fear. Children are people and they think like humans. Age is not the issue --knowledge is the issue and children have been made exceedingly exempt from having knowledge of such things as romance and sex. They have been made, by the government, etc., into the equivalent of furniture or dress-up dolls for adults and commodities for the corporations.
So, society and the government turns children into "furniture or dress-up dolls for adults," whereas a GirlChatter like Clinton would never objectify a child:
Lucky fuck. Now you get to see her in a tight, little bathing suit and you had better have some extra-tight underwear on, ya know? Those little butts will kill you at fifteen yards.
There's only one group of people which perceive children as "furniture or dress-up dolls for adults..." Read more about Skull Dander A.K.A. Clinton Labombard at Wikisposure.
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