Trying to Dodge the Bullet

Friday, May 01, 2009

Bryan McMullon A.K.A. Tamachan was a regular on GirlChat up until recently, in fact he'd been posting there since 2003. While on GirlChat, Bryan posted on a variety of topics, from alluding to being in possession of child pornography...

"I am forced to take my Apple iBook G4 into the shop to get the drive replaced... so what are my options to protect my "sensitive data" from prying eyes? My plan would have been to dump everything onto a DVD and then purge the data... but I can't do that because without a drive, I can't burn DVDs."

...Through to offering advice to his fellow GirlChaters on how to gain access to children:
2) I've said it before, the perfect job for a paedophile is a summer camp counsellor. Maybe a day-care center, because they go all day, all year... but an overnight summer camp would probably be even better, though I've never worked one so I don't know.
Bryan may not know much about being a Summer Camp Counsellor, he has first hand experience at being a Volunteer in Day Care Center...
If the town you live in is anything like mine, they are always happy to have new volunteers, which will give you a leg up on the competition for payed positions... I laugh that the town actually pays me to look after so many wonderful young ones.
Exploiting the trust parents and educators put in him to look out for the welfare of children:
There is also a fair amount of leeway, especially at times like the end of the year, when I as a Classroom Volunteer was allowed to take as many pictures as I wanted to.
I've had one brush with the law, related (although falsely) to my being a paedophile. I use that term in this context because of the double meaning it has in this day and age. Thankfully I was able to dodge the bullet so to speak, and things never escalated to the point where things would be really serious. (Although lawyers were involved on both sides.)
This is the only story that has any 'mature subject matter' whatsoever. enjoy ;)

There's a girl in the class I volunteer with whose class I've been in before, when she was in grade 3 and barely spoke a word of english. She had just come from Russia that year. I did a lot of ESL work with her, so I know her pretty well. Well, this particular day I went to French class with the class because it was the teacher's prep period. I sat at the back of the classroom where there was an extra desk. She sat in the back row of pupil-desks, right in front of me.

She was one of the kids who had to speak in front of the class, saying "Pour la retour a l'ecole, j'achette... " (for back to school, I am buying...) and then three things from a list of vocabulary words. It really struck me how well she did. I remember having a significant hand in teaching her ENGLISH and now she's right in there with the rest of the class learning her 3rd language. :) I was quite proud of her.

I watched the whole class, but because of where we were sitting, my eyes kept drifting back to her. She's got loong blond hair. (the ponytail alone was halfway down her back, which was dressed in a really nice looking black sweater. She's also got really pretty hands. (yeah, I'm odd about hands.) Sitting at her desk, you could just see the tiniest bit of her white panties. Now this isn't something that usually catches my attention, but like I said, the way we were sitting I couldn't really help but notice them. I'd let my eyes wander around the room, pay attention to the kids who were presenting, and then by eyes would just drift back and I'd notice them again.

Thankfully I've been in classrooms long enough to know how to act so that no one was the wiser.
"No one was the wiser," he boast's to the other perverts on GirlChat; Be sure to read more about Bryan McMullon at Wikisposure.
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