A Landmark Agreement

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New York's State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, through an undercover investigation recently discovered that Usenet Newsgroups were a major source of online child pornography:

"The Newsgroups act as online public bulletin boards where users can upload and download files. Users access Newsgroups through their internet service providers."

Following his investigation, Attorney General Cuomo worked closely with Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and Sprint to shut down the major sources for online child pornography. Other major Internet Service Providers such as AT&T have also signed the agreement which will block access to major sources of child pornography on the internet.

"Under the agreements, the ISPs will eliminate access to child porn Newsgroups and will also purge their servers of all child pornography websites identified by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)."

You can read more about Attorney General Cuomo's project 'NY Stop Child Porn' here.

It's great to see a politician standing up and taking a pro-active role in stopping child exploitation over the internet. Here at Absolute Zero United we often get visitors also looking for child pornography coming in under search terms like:
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It comes as no surprise that the freaks over at BoyChat had something to say about Attorney General Cuomo's project:

This is obviously an attempt to make political hay by spinning Usenet, a protocol the new generation of Internet users are largely unfamiliar with, as some sort of newly discovered threat to child purity.
Since when do people need "unprecedented undercover investigations" in order to discover something that is public?
Not surprising that some visitors to BoyChat were very familiar with Usenet being a source for child pornography.

In a short period of time, politicians across the USA will be imitating this creep, destroying even more freedom and promoting more and more the isolation.
And of course at least one pedo has to whine that being barred from looking at photos of children being abused and sexually exploited is somehow an 'attack on freedom.'

We encourage everyone to support Attorney General Cuomo's project to fight child pornography. You can help by contacting internet service providers which haven't yet signed the agreement to fight child pornography on the internet and urge them to do so by contacting the office of New Yorks Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

I.S.P.'s which haven't yet agreed to block child pornography:
  • Access Highway, Inc. - Signed
  • Clarity Connect, Inc. - Signed
  • Clearwire - Signed
  • Cloud 9 Internet - Signed
  • Covad Broadband Service - Signed
  • EarthLink, Inc. - Signed
  • Frontier - Signed
  • RCN - Signed
  • Westelcom Internet, Inc. - Signed
  • WINC Communications - Signed
  • Dreamscape - Signed
You can also show your support by placing this banner on your website/blog and linking to either this post or http://www.nystopchildporn.com/index.html

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