Just another reason to shop at The Home Depot

Friday, September 28, 2007

K-Marts self-proclaimed best checkout cashier, and GirlChat pervert - Todd Nickerson now has a new job, working for the home improvement retailer - Lowes.

"Without me, K-Mart wouldn't have had the best checkout operator EVER!


I'm serious here--I was repeatedly told that I consistently had the most accurate and balanced till night after night when I worked at the store.

Most people tended to be off by a few dollars every night, sometimes as much as a $10 or $20, maybe more. But I always within a couple pennies of being spot on."

Working at Lowes, Todd constructively spends the day staring at children which come into the store:

I look at little girls all the time--every day I say [sic] a little cutie or five at work

In addition, I get to see the smiling, happy faces of little girls at work
almost every day.

Is this the sort of place you want to take your children to?

It's just another reason to shop at The Home Depot instead

But hey if Todds job with Lowes does fall through, he's could always try to make his pedophilia pay the bills:

So for me, my girl love is more than just a sexual orientation; it's a potential money maker and name maker, if only I could figure out how to make it work.

A potential money maker? Perhaps he should talk to Lindsay Ashford or Jack McClellan about that.


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