Unspinning the Spin

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Who said this?
"While sexual abuse is despicable there are indeed things that are much worse in life. Most children do not die or become permanently disfigured as a result"
"Think of the child within the sex offender who is still hurting"
Jan Kruska said it, who else?

Jan, a board member of SoClear defined her purpose
"made it her mission to educate the public on the truth behind the headlines: To cut through the hype and spin to bring you the facts, un-tethered by political bias, affiliations, or agendas"
So that is what we are going to do. We're going to cut through the hype and spin....Unspinning Jan's spin.

We all watched her bimbo-headed temper tantrum over the last couple of weeks. We watched her flap and scramble attacking uninvolved individuals and stating unequivocally that they are guilty of sex offenses against children. No if's or maybe's about it from Jan. No, she stated it as fact.

Let's start right here with an article she wrote for American Chronicle. Since she's accusing AZ of belonging to Perverted Justice, and since she's mixing and matching her information however she sees fit, I believe it calls for some commentary, don't you?

She says that a report has been filed with the FBI and the CyberTipLine accusing PeeJ members of downloading child pornography. It quickly made it through the pedophile community who, having a warped mentality anyway, took it to mean it was true. So, I just want to take a moment and clear something up, you know so that we're all SO CLEAR

  • Jan Kruska is the only person who has made this asinine accusation

  • I could also report Jan to CyberTipline and the FBI for downloading CP

    • If I did that, it would be true that I did make the report

    • It wouldn't make it true that Jan did it however just because I said it

    Jan, having claimed elsewhere that AZ is a blog belonging to PeeJ makes a rather bold statement in this article of hers.
    Some interesting quotes gleaned from their websites include: “PRETEND to be child advocates” and “Don’t go posting a cp (child porn) pic somewhere to offend people, only to have your ip (address) logged and have yourself arrested. Learn the ways of staying anonymous online.”
    Well that just sounds horrible, doesn't it? If Anti's are saying those sorts of things. And Jan obviously wants you to believe it's true, she repeated it on her website and made the words giant sized red bold to make sure everyone sees it. So by George, I'm gonna make sure they see it too.

    Because, you see, Jan took those words right off of AZ. Yep, she got it right here

    Words straight out of the mouth of a filthy pedophile.

    Words that we were discussing.

    Words that were referenced with a link to the author.

  • The quotes Jan used were found on AZ

  • You can read pedophile remarks on Anti Blogs

    • Jan is either blind

    • Or Jan is maliciously spinning the truth.

    She's written an entire article about it, and she's trying to make sure everyone sees it. She has reported people to the FBI claiming that they download child pornography......based upon a pedophile she found us quoting and analyzing on AZ.

    That's what unethical journalists do. They spin. And they spin. And they spin.

    HT to Jacey for graphics!
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