I've been watching...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I've been watching quietly as Jan Whateverthehellhernameis has went from being a lying, self serving annoyance to a stalking, crazy woman on a mission to land herself back in the big house. And, while watching and chatting with Stitches, I kept getting this creepy feeling that Jan/Amanda/Mrs. Hebephile reminded me of something.. but I just couldn't put my finger on just what it was. That's really been weighing on my mind. I mean, what exactly could a woman who uses "statistics" that are so far fetched that they are laughable, and who promotes the idea that sex offenders are just "misunderstood" and it's the general public who should be ashamed for misunderstanding them, who slithers around like the scum she is hiding behind the increasingly insane notion that she's not really a sexual deviant because her victim was 15 years old- possibly remind me of.

And then I figured it out...

'Cause everything that comes outta her hole is shit...

(this post dedicated to:
Stitches... keep up the good work
Jan... how freaking dare you be such a punk a** and claim to know so much while ignoring the real stats out there on your people who continue to commit heinous crimes against this nations young people? You wanna play with the big kids, learn the damn facts and how to accurately use them before you start swinging your hyped up bull about recidivism rates, and sex offender laws.)

Side note: I tend to specialize in studying sex crimes. The only thing that annoys me more than pedoscum, is those people who would willingly misinterpret studies in order to promote their "society is mean for not letting us continue to rape little kids" lectures.
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