They wanted to make her their sex slave

Friday, November 30, 2007

Jackie Sparling, the Chief Coordinating Officer for SO Clear and the main organizer behind the upcoming Sex Offender rally in Columbus Ohio, has this to say on the topic of who sexually abuses children:

"Most people in this country are looking for the boogeyman behind the bush, when the boogeyman is in your own home, the home of your day care, the home of an extended family member or the home of a friend."

Threats of sexual violence from within the home and people which know the child... We're all aware of how the blame gamers think the general public believes that strangers are the only people which molest children - and we all know that's not the case.

Let's take a look at what motivates Jackie's activism anyway:
The police said that Mr. Sparling had met a 13-year-old Wisconsin girl in an Internet chat room and that he had conspired with Mr. Teal to bring her to New York to be a sex slave. Mr. Sparling had a receipt for a ticket to fly the girl to New York, where he hoped to impregnate her, the police said.
What broke the case, the sergeant said, was a tip in December from a 6-year-old victim's mother who suspected her son was being sexually abused by Teal. Cowie said that Teal, who is divorced and lives alone, drugged the boy with sleeping pills, then took photos of himself sodomizing the child.

Teal, a yardman for Lewisy Fuel Oil Inc. in East Northport, E-mailed the photos to Sparling and others, police said. Detectives found those pictures on home computers belonging to Teal and Sparling, who is married with three teenage stepchildren. Cops also found hundreds of other pictures depicting children as young as 5 involved in sex attacks.
Jackies husband, Donald Sparling tried to lure a 13 year old girl into flying to New York to be his "sex slave," aside from that Donald also had a large collection of child pornography, all Jackie had to say about this was:
It's all going to come out positive in the end. What's being portrayed so far in the media is not my husband.
However, the courts and Law Enforcement disagreed with Jackie and Donalds now serving 15 years in the Onieda Correctional Facility. With Donald in prison, Jackie feels that the least society should do is pay for her long distance phone calls to him behind bars:
Don't tell me that I should be responsible for paying for my husband's stay at the luxurious Oneida facility either. They had OTHER options for this first time offender, that they wouldn't even consider. THEY believed that the only answer was incarceration..let THEM pay for it.
I wonder what other options for a punishment Jackie had in mind for a child pornographer who was trying to make a 13 year old girl his "sex slave"? Considering the things she's said I doubt it would be much of punishment, especially in comparison to the suffering the 13 year old girl would have faced had Donald got his hands on her, or the children pictured in the hundreds of photographs on Donald's hard drive, or the 6 year old boy who Donalds friend sodomized. In regards to the suffering of these people who have to deal with what happened to them for the rest of their lives, Jackie has this to say:
If you act as if she's dying, she'll believe it. Children take their "cues" from the adults in their lives; please try to remember that.
These are the people behind organizations like SO Clear, SOSEN and Roar for Freedom - Cut off and disconnected from reality, so much so that they actually perceive the sexual abuser as a victim, and as for their victims, as Jan Kruska has said "There are worse things that can happen."

Unite against sexual abusers and the people supporting them, Rally in Columbus Ohio, Saturday December 1st!
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