A sad story

Sunday, December 12, 2010

With a happy ending...

York University researcher charged in child porn network commits suicide
TORONTO - A York University research fellow who killed himself after being charged with child pornography offences likely couldn't live with his tarnished image, a colleague says.

Police said Richard Dyde committed suicide Thursday at age 47 — one day after his arrest was made public.
Police announced on Wednesday that Dyde was among 57 men charged in connection with an international child pornography network.

York University spokesman Alex Bilyk said Dyde had been on leave from his job at the Toronto-based university since his arrest.

Police have said hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of child pornography images were traded by the network in Canada, the United States and Europe.
Police said 25 children victimized by the network were rescued, including a dozen in Canada, during the year-long investigation known as Project Sanctuary.

Those arrested included 25 Canadians, 26 Americans and six Europeans. Together, the 57 men faced 218 charges.
First Childdriver AKA Jerry Douglas Ray and now this guy; I hope this is a new trend developing...
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