Has anyone seen Childdriver lately?

Saturday, November 06, 2010

In 2007 Childdriver posted about a pedophile who was caught in a sting operation conducted in a combined effort by the Murphy Police Department and Perverted-Justice; and who, rather than face the consequences of his actions, chose to shoot himself in the head:

catch a predator arrest bogus

Posted by childdriver on Friday, June 1 2007 at 09:40:23pm

...After phone contact failed, the Terrell police's tactical team was called in to serve a search warrant. When they broke in the door they heard a single shot. Conradt shot himself in the head.

As you all know, last Halloween Childdriver was himself exposed by Perverted-Justices' Wikisposure project.

So... what's relevant about all this, I hear you ask?

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Update - Based on information provided by Wikisposure, Jerry Ray was arrested on child pornography charges; he was found to have horrific videos that included very young children being raped and forced to perform sexual acts. Ray subsequently committed suicide while out on bail, rather than face the legal consequences of his choice to prey on children.

We would like to thank the Stone County Sheriff's Office for their concern and dedication. Children in the SCSO's jurisdiction are fortunate to have such fantastic law enforcement watching out for them.

Other "childlovers" should look to Jerry Douglas Ray AKA Childdriver as an example and do the right thing. And hey: why wait for law enforcement to find you first?

It's episodes like this which give Halloween a whole new special significance.
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