Wikisposure gives Pedophile Activists their own Halloween Surprise!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wikisposure has once again out done themselves with the current outings Wikisposure Pedofright 2009!
This list of monsters is quite a haul, what a delightful Halloween treat!

Francisco Perez AKA Kanospower
"Welcome everyone that wants to be friends, dont mind the age nor anything else... "

Chris Ilson AKA Westcoaster
"In the case of a father with a daughter, I always believe it might be easier to start things if you were 'discovered' by your daughter while masturbating. Either nothing happens, or you get approached and something would happen. In either case, you'd have to follow up in a week's time and ask the daughter if they want to 'talk' and perhaps seeing that might lead to a nice discussion."

Walter Howard AKA TMaximus95
"It's amazing to me how many cool stories I've read about the things boy lovers do with their young friend. It's not all about sex. I'm finding that many BL's hold their responsibility to a YF with a great conviction."

Tom Reeves
"The core of our identity must be unashamed love of boys as boys."

Gary Wolchesky AKA MyIDIsPhat
In October of 2009, thanks to the Youtube members who kept reporting him to law enforcement, Wolchesky was arrested on child endangerment charges.

Gerald Moonen
"9. In paragraph No 5, I explain that many young people seek a sexual confirmation and guidance from older people."

Paul Sykes AKA Psyco
"but for the record, I am a BL, in my 30's, My AOA (age of attraction for the newbies) is 8+ but my favorite kids to hang out with are the 10-12 yo's so if any of you have an extra boy kicking around who could use a friend or mentor, please send him my way"

Mark Hunneyman AKA Snowcat
"This is the perfect time of the year to see young boys of all shapes, sizes, and colors displaying their smooth lower legs. In my opinion, the thinner the better. My ideal boy is eight or nine with small little feet and thin smooth legs."

Severen Shields aka Devholyjoke
"Or in the back of my mind I'm going, if I date this woman I'll have free access to 3 little girls."

John Kapshaw AKA Handfulofdust
"So this is me, lifelong GL (and BL as well), finally opening up to Kindred Spirits."

Einar Robert Fry AKA Kittycat80
"I am 28 years old and I live in Arizona. I work at a local casino as a Blackjack and Poker dealer. I have been a boylover pretty much all my life, although I didn't know there was a term for my attraction until I was around 19."

Miffy AKA Simon Rose
"i would love to grab a 2 year old girl from a shopping center take her in to some woods and split her open with my cock i would fuck her up every hole and shoot my load in her mouth"

Jerry Douglas Ray AKA Childdriver
"Well I showed my porn collection to my niece, she found it under the bed. This lead to discussions on what sex was and how it felt. Then of course she wanted to try somethings out. Neddless to say, the seeing sex first via porn, has done wonders to get the girls ready for the real thing."

Tom Arthur AKA Mr. Double
"Have her play like she is giving birth to a baby(preferably a girl). Then as soon as the head pops out of her pussy, fuck the baby's mouth while fucking her with the baby."

Matthew Harman AKA Elliptor
Little Boy Cum?
"I would love that! Not huge buckets of cum, but just like when boys first hit puberty. Yummy"

Paul Dobbins AKA Nz
"lol yes, i fixed the age thing Anyone over 12 can join. If you really want yer little bro to join i can modify it for him just lemme know"

Oscar Scott Guzman AKA Scott G
" What, precisely, did you find so 'sick' in what I said above? That I fingered my little sister? I'm sorry that I don't conform to North America's societal norms, but can you tell me, besides that, what's so terrible about it?"

Cory McDonald AKA CryptKeeper
Topic: What turns You on Most About a Boy??

"depending on the boy really

can be anything [Big Grin]"

TheGreatBL AKA Derek Foster
"in a pure fantasy world,using your imagination.would you like to suck or be suck by a 12 year boy? remember this is all just fantasy lol"

Leland Stevenson
"I befriended a young teenage boy….we went on a camping trip….on awakening in the morning, he positioned himself in such a way that nature would take its course….No lubricant was desired or required…he experienced what he wanted to experience. "

Shane Hellenga AKA Boywtchr1975
"Kids nowadays are learning at younger ages and at faster paces then people did when I was growing up. This is my answer to the survey.....Yes. If the boy is initiating sexual contact, I respect his decision and would gladly consent."

Glen Hall
"I once tried the video camera in the shopping bag bit, basically for shits and grins. Once caught a young pre-teen girl, perhaps twelve, at a pinball machine in a short sun skirt I was having fun just standing close and looking over her shoulder but when I saw the tape the shoulder was not as appetizing.….the most sensual part was all the blonde peach fuzz leading up to the crack of her ass… I could probably explained away filming a mature woman, but a pre-teen?"

Daniel Smock AKA AirboyDS
"Summer is the best time to be a boylover, in my opinon. You have things such as the LLWS, and seeing boys while swim at the pool or the beach."

Timothy Shehan AKA MrTim
"If you had a daughter, are you sure of that statement? Most people, myself included, couldn't make that statement. I would say that I would try to avoid touching her sexually, but I couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't."

Abear AKA Michael Herbert
"You have permission to use my stories and my nickname however you want. But please remember that I am painting you in a good light in this story, and that I am just finishing a scene where you had sex with three young girls who are named after authors from this page."

Walter David Bertsche III AKA Mortuis99
"23:53 <> i wanna see a live action ver of Enzai

23:55 <> in enzai there are some good ass raping scenes"

Happy Halloween from Absolute Zero United!
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