Respecting Victims

Friday, April 09, 2010

On her most recent podcast Mary Duval AKA Tikibug states that her only goal is to protect children and society:

"We're all in this to protect children and this is not protecting children and we had some people in this conference who were from the other side, but in the end we were all joined in one unity... because we truly want to protect children and society, but current system of laws is failing to do that, the research and evidence prove it..."
So according to Mary, "the current system and laws" are failing to protect children, laws like this...

"Well I think that sometimes they're taking away the girls rights, you know? I... At 13, 14, I mean, I remember, I knew what I wanted, you know? And mom and dad wasn't going to tell me what to do and I think they're taking away these girls rights, the right to choose, and you know? to their own decision about their own body.
I mean, Angela's right you know? We no longer have the right to raise our children, I mean, if we sat here today and said 'well, my 13-year-old daughter can have sex with John Doe, whose her boyfriend, whose 16' - nope, afraid not parents - the government tells you when your child can have sex, the government tells you, you know? what school your child has to go to, because of the school zones, they have to go to a certain school and... the government has too much power"
Now the question which I can't help but ask is: What kind of a person would be complaining about age of consent laws that make it illegal for bad-parents to allow whoever they want to have sex with their 13 year old child?

While you're pondering that one, here's another comment from Marys latest show:

"But you do have those who have completely been traumatized by the events that happened to them and they're not able to move forward and if they do move forward, they, they still have a lot of anger and who can blame them? You know? Especially when it's something very violent like a rape, so, eh, you know? There's always going to be a few who're so traumatized that it's always going to affect their lives and any sex crime will always affect your life, I mean obviously, I'm always very cautious around, um, strangers, you know? Even as an adult, I'm obviously, you know? Very cautious, but we each deal with it very differently and so, yea, we must always respect the victim, um, no matter what, we must, you know? Protect them, but the registry is not protecting them under its current system"
We must always respect the victim... then I wonder whether this is how Mary shows her respect:

Mary Duval: "Well, I recently had a friend who spoke to a politician in Louisiana and he, you know? the politician said, 'well, we can't look soft on sex offenders because the victim never has a, you know, has a, a, eh, chance, you know? the victim suffers for life."

Walter Howard: "That's not true!"

Mary Duval: "That ludicrous, that's right, that's ludicrous. Ok, you know? I, I'm.. you know? Abusing a child is wrong. It's dead wrong, but you know? Victims, you know? They, they get treatment, they get help, they can move on. You know? We all have to move on, at some point we all suffer a tragedy in our life, are we saying that we're going to, you know? Sit around and always be a victim? Or are we going to take our life back and move forward. You know? and it, just blows me away that this politician said that, but that goes to show the hate in this country and that is a politician who is actually making laws in Louisiana"
In complete agreement with a convicted child rapist and member of the pro-pedophilia forum "" (Walter Howard AKA TMaximus95), Mary says it's "ludicrous" that a victim would be affected for life after being sexually abused and then goes on to say that she's "blown away" by the "hate" that a politician has for understanding this.
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