How to TRULY Protect Children

Friday, April 02, 2010

Mary Duval AKA Tikibug, with all of her extensive education, feels that if we really wanted to help protect children from sexual abuse, that we would be working with her to pass laws that truly protect children:

Whoa! And she even gives us some advice on how to run Absolute Zero United:

The real creeps, eh? I wonder who she could mean by that? Maybe the ones which post on pro-pedophilia websites like, you know, comments kinda like this:
"During my years in prison, I agreed to do sex offender treatment. I learned alot, but it all boils down to people not minding their own business. That's what does the most harm. If a boy has had sexual relations with a grown man, and feels upset, then, he should accept responsibility and be accountable for his own choices."

I'm not sure whether it's that Duval has a bad memory or whether it's that she's just not very bright, but the comment you see above was actually made by one of Mary's friends, who also happened to be a regular guest on her show, Walter Howard AKA Tmaximus95.

Unbelievable isn't it? Well... not really. It actually serves as a good example of how there's no accountability for people which have committed sex offenses on her show and how much Mary really knows about "prevention and education" (if anyone ever had any doubts). Just look at the comments Walter Howard AKA Tmaximus95 was able to get away with saying on her show:

Remember this is a man who was literally convicted of raping a boy. You'd like to think that maybe Mary disagrees with him and just doesn't have the guts to say it, but that doesn't explain why would she continually bring this member on her show: again and again... and again.

Allow me to educate you...

Kevin and Mary insist that we should be talking to them if we want to truly protect children, when they can't even recognize that there's anything wrong with a member who was frequently on their own radio show.
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