'It's for your own good'

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"It's for your own good"

Says the 'Sigpic' of a former moderator on the GirlChat message board, but what good could possibly come from pedophiles congregating on the internet to feed into each others distortions?

About as much good that can come from the books Amazon.com sells to pedophiles, portraying children as wanting to be sexually abused....


The GirlChat Moderator whose sigpic featured those words belongs to Brother Chubba:

"Its not that people all think acting on our feelings is wrong, but any of us who ARE, could never talk about it. Those lucky bastards are out there...and we will never know."

No there's nothing wrong with taking advantage of a child for your sexual pleasure.... at least at GirlChat, in fact if you are you're even "lucky" according to Chubba. I wonder whether he thinks that men like Dylan Thomas AKA Jon Schillaci are lucky too?

This kind of distorted thinking lives at the core of pedophile message boards, and while Chubba thinks that he can look out for the "good" of the other pedophiles by fostering their rationalizations, eventually they have to face the reality that exists outside of GirlChat...

....Meet reality....

Brother Chubba AKA Stephen Wilkes:

"Does anyone esle get REALLY angry when they see

a hate filled TV program going on about the evils of paedophilia and how all of us are sick and either need psychological help or need hanging?"

What makes some of Stephens posts on GirlChat so unnerving is the constant references to children he's in regular contact with:
Jasmine, my niece, she is amazing, so tiny and teeny, so beautiful. She still has misgivings about me, but seems to be kinda geting used to me, by the end of my last visit (this morning) she was quite happy to lie on a cushion beneath me and watch as I rattled her..erm...rattley thingy...then I watch as her tiny hands try to grasp it and stick it in her mouth...hehe... its so adorable really. She even to a shcne to my ring, grabbing my hand and trying to manouvere my ring nito her mouth too...hehe.
I know a couple of little girls (apart from Sarah) who cn enchant me in the same way....one of which I am HIGHLY sexually attracted to (Rebeccah, 11 and so damn sexy I could cry) and Bronwyn, only 4 but so cute and so gentle and freindly.
Me and Sarah don't get up to anytihng illegal...

but in a perfect world...hell.....it may be a girl, but I think i'd try all three holes....to be honest.

Shame it aint a perfect world eh?

The books Amazon.com sells to pedophiles are like posts on GirlChat, they're written by pedophiles and they encourage pedophiles to embrace their pedophilia, and they do.
Thats why im a LITTLE girl lover...

I like em little....but whatever floats your boat buddy

The beginnings of breats are passable..but pubic hair is an instant turn off.
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