Innermost secrets

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dante Snake1116 AKA Steven John Bagley didn't have a very visible presence in online pedophile message boards, at least on the surface.

He kept most of his discussion to private chat, some of which were admissions of guilt:

"But, I suppose there's no harm in me telling...what are the serious chances of anyone ehre but Mike acutally knowing me in real life? Unless any of you live in RI."

"Child porn? I'll get horned up from it yeah, and jerk once in a while."

During the course of his online conversations, Steven bragged of children he'd sexually abused. He also mentioned children he was in close proximity to:
There's this adorable 3 year old boy upstairs from me. I avoid spending time aroudn him prolonged and alone.It's ahrd for me to hide a boner. lol
Talking about a 4 year old child was who also in the house with him:
It's just me and my dad watching her right now, and he's playing his game.
Fortunately he was also chatting to a Perverted volunteer, the volunteers at Perverted Justice were able to identify Steven and contacted law enforcement in his area:

Read more about Steven Bagley at Wikisposure, but be warned the article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.
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