'Fat with anger'

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NAMBLA activist, Chuck Dodson on BoyChat:

"You've seen the media categorically attacking fully authentic intergenerational bonding. It's everywhere in every library system, every bookstore. There's no one challenging them. Those that have in the past have to re-write new books, and few "reputable" presses that can access mainstream bookstores and libraries will even dare publish our side of the truth. Anyone remember Judith Levine and the University of Minnesota Press? That's just one example. And that's exactly how the game of thought control works. One side of the truth gets to get everywhere into people's mind. Then they don't even think about the reality that there is any other truth being left out. And they just think it's natural.

So what can we do?

We can make our own texts. Find some permanent glue. And put them in books wherever and whenever we dare.

Quite a few years ago, I did exactly this. I was on a film talking about inserting them in books. Well, I did more than that. In more than eighty libraries. Think what you can do.

How many of us are VERY VERY ANGRY? How many of us have become fat with our anger? How many of us are taking our anger out on each other, and doing exactly as today's propagandists want us to do?"

You can see Chuck Dodson inserting his pedophile-propaganda into books during this video (at 1:05). Pedophile activists are constantly trying to invent new ways to persuade the public into considering that adult-child sexual relationships un-harmful. We've seen this is in some of the authors we've talked about during our boycott: the Tom O'Carrolls and Geoffrey Leonards. Most people are able to discern rather quickly what these people are (or rather what motivates them) shortly into reading their publications, so their audience is limited mainly to other pedophiles, but perhaps the most publicized effort comes from a woman named Judith Levine, in the form of her book "Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex."

Reading through the pages of Levines book, Judith tries to support her notion that adult-child sexual relationships aren't actually harmful by dismissing the responsibility of adults who engage in sexual relationships with children and by pointing the finger (as pedophile activists frequently do) at society instead:
When the youngster has had what she considers a relationship of love and consensual sex, it does no good to tell her she has been manipulated and victimized. "To send out the message that you've been ruined for life and this person was vile and they were pretending to care— that often does a lot of damage," commented Fred Berlin, a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins University and a well-respected expert on treating sex offenders.
Here Levine describes peoples concerns of child sexual abuse as "irrational:"
All this rational talk may mean nothing to a parent. Nine in forty five million children are raped and murdered: slim odds, sure, but if it happens to your baby, who cares about the statistics? Still, most parents manage to put irrational fears in perspective. Why, in spite of all information to the contrary, do Americans insist on believing that pedophiles are a major peril to their children?
It's almost as though Levine doesn't think adults having sex with children is abusive unless the child is murdered. There is an estimated, 39 million of survivors of sexual abuse in America today, how is that for perspective? A far cry from the nine victims Levine makes it sound like exist. Dr. Bill Glaser an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne, describes the situation:
There are some who say that we are becoming unnecessarily panicky about child sexual abuse. The evidence is that we have not panicked enough.
If we had some sort of plague or epidemic which affected one in four girls, one in eight boys, there would be a national outcry about it and we would be setting up national coordinated efforts to deal with the problem as we have with modern day epidemics such as HIV.
Throughout "Harmful to Minors," Levine is subtle about the way she insinuates that adult-child sexual relationships aren't harmful, however when she reaches the topic of child pornography she's almost outright denies its even existence:
Aficionados and vice cops concede that practically all the sexually explicit images of children circulating cybernetically are the same stack of yellowing pages found at the back of those X-rated shops, only digitized. These pictures tend to be twenty to fifty years old, made overseas, badly re-reproduced, and for the most part pretty chaste. That may be why federal agents almost never show journalists the contraband. But when I got a peek at a stash downloaded by Don Huycke, the national program manager for child pornography at the U.S. Customs Service, in 1995, I was underwhelmed. Losing count after fifty photos, I'd put aside three that could be called pornographic: a couple of shots of adolescents masturbating and one half-dressed twelve-year-old spreading her legs in a position more like a gymnast's split than split beaver. The rest tended to be like the fifteen-year-old with a 1950s bob and an Ipana grin, sitting up straight, naked but demure, or the two towheaded six-year olds in underpants, astride their bikes.
Twenty to fifty years old, eh? I wonder whether the photos sex offender activist and director of SOhopeful, Jim Freeman, traded in his child pornography ring were "twenty to fifty years old"...
Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

I suppose in Levines eyes, James Huskey (who was also in Freemans group and created the "TARA series") was just 'helping' his victim explore her sexuality? Starting at 5 years old he raped her on film and shared it on the internet. The girl knew he was putting it on the internet. He showed her the videos of what he did to her. The day before they arrested him he raped her anally with a 14 inch dildo. She was 9 years old.

Reaching the end of Levines book, it's interesting to note who she sourced her information from; Among the names are men like Bill Andriette, Lawrence A Stanley (the pedophile wanted for child abuse charges, who Levine described as "the most thorough researcher of child pornography"), James Kincaid, Alfred Kinsey and the NAMBLA bulletin. It all leaves little to the imagination about what direction Levine set out to take with her book, which is currently for sale on Amazon.com.

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