A Concise History of the RSOL

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Recently high-level members of ReformSexOffenderLaws.Org (RSOL) refused to believe that their organization had any ties or associations with the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). To us here at Absolute Zero (where we have written extensively on this topic), this is simply unacceptable; So once again we will take it upon ourselves to 'educate their ignorance' (as they say) by providing them with a history lesson on the organization that they have elected to be part of (how nice are we?!?):

June 7, 1998 - The first version of the Reform Sex Offender Laws petition is posted on BoyChat under the title "A Call to Safeguard Our Children and Our Liberties." The petition was formed in response to the public backlash NAMBLA experienced over the murder of Jeffrey Curley. This first version of the petition states that among those involved in drafting it were NAMBLA members:

A discussion group of about twenty people formed, hosted unofficially by a non-governmental organization. Participants included women who are incest and sex abuse survivors, NAMBLA members, anti-censorship and civil liberties activists, feminists, gay and lesbian people, health-care workers, church activists, peace and social justice activists, academics, and those who work with prisoners.
A small list of the petitions first signatories were noted below the statement. Some of the most recognizable name were that of Tom Reeves and Bill Andriette, both of whom are very prominent members of NAMBLA.

August 13, 2007 - Paul Shannon, the RSOL National Coordinator appears on the radio show of Daniel Tsang talking about his renewed campaign to "reform" sex offender laws. The same Daniel Tsang who attended the meeting which spawned NAMBLA and who also wrote this article about it.

March 3, 2008 - After the victims advocacy group 'Women Against Sexual Predators' (WASP) had hijacked SOClear's attempt at a rally in Columbus Ohio; "Alex Marbury" and Paul Shannon did not want a repeat of that disaster at their next public demonstration at Coalinga State Hospital, so they issued this statement:

"Because a previous demonstraton in Ohio by sex offenders and their families was harrassed by bigots, you should be prepared for this possibility. All precautions are being taken to avoid confrontation, and local authorities will be alerted. The detainees are depending on word of mouth among those committed to justice for sex offenders. Ask any friends you tell about this to keep the time and place of the rally confidential. We are hoping that supportive and carefully screened members of the press, as well as lawyers, will be present, both to document the protest and to provide security."
The rally location and time had been kept secret, yet NAMBLA member Joe Power managed to attend and published an article about the rally on NAMBLA's website:
"A few months ago, a coalition of family, friends and activists from a variety of groups(1) – including several NAMBLA members – demonstrated in front of Coalinga State Hospital in California."

March 14, 2009 - "Alex Marbury" publishes a posting on behalf of BoyChat member Richard Kramer, criticizing sex offender activists for trying to differentiate themselves from pedophiles. The post is removed within hours of having gone live.

July 10, 2009 - Richard Pillard who was a moderator for the meeting which first formed NAMBLA is one of the opening speakers for the first annual RSOL conference in Boston.

"Men and boys who love each other are engaging in a social experiment." - Richard Pillard

February 20, 2012 - RSOL's Indiana state affiliate, Kimberly DuBina unwittingly exposes the RSOL's dirtiest secret: that "Alex Marbury" is actually the notorious NAMBLA pedophile Thomas Reeves.

For an organization whose top-level members attempt to deny any connection or affiliations with NAMBLA, their group sure has had a lot to do with NAMBLA over the past decade...

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