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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last month we posted about the suicidal, child pornography collecting pedophile: Boimatt AKA Kevin Morrissey, after his dramatic arrest. Today he's in the media again and so is Evil-Unveiled, for all the good work they do profiling dangerous people like Morrissey:

I-TEAM: Web Watchers Monitor Pedophiles Online

A grassroots effort across the country is tracking down dangerous pedophiles and tipping off police. The group contributed to the recent arrest of an Iowa man.
Veronica searches for people who are not necessarily convicted sex offenders, but who are attracted to children.

"The problem with pedophile websites that we monitor is that they don't think there's anything wrong with sexually pursuing a child," she said. "They encourage each other. They embolden each other."
In the case of Kevin Morrissey, according to court records, the Oakland, Iowa native was wanted for possessing several thousand images and videos of child pornography in Kitsap County, Wash.

"He's one of the most networked pedophile activists out there," said Veronica.
In the case against Jonathan Johnson, the online team tracked him even before his arrest and conviction in 2008. Veronica said they were on his trail for about nine months, even before police knew about him. An Omaha police detective told the NewsWatch 7 I-Team through an email, that Johnson wouldn't have been investigated had the Web watchers not put him on their radar.

Johnson, who confessed to his crimes, talked with NewsWatch 7 in 2008.

"I let things happen that shouldn't have happened," said Johnson at the Douglas County Corrections Center shortly after his arrest.

The I-Team again talked to Johnson this week in prison, in Tecumseh. He endorsed the people of evil-unveiled.com who helped lock him up.

"The foundation behind what they do is clear to me. They're trying to stop people from hurting other people," Johnson said.
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