Kevin Morrissey: Pedophile Foster Parent

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Kevin Morrissey:
"You see boys all the time that are drop dead beautiful.. a lot of them will even walk or pose some way to accent their looks.. (Pull up their shirts, put their hands in their pockets, sit with thier legs up high or spread out). do you think they know they are sexy and do you think they are just flaunting with what they have, or are they 'trolling'?"
...I think that it's none of the above, that what it really is, is that he's a distorted pedophile that can't distinguish when a child is playing.

Allow me to introduce you to Kevin Morrissey or as he's known to his fellow perverts, "Boimatt." Kevin is a very prolific member of the online pedophile community, having held a position as a moderator on the notorious "BoyMoments" website and worked as an administrator on another forum for the sexually disordered, known as "Church of Jesus Among the Teachers."

Kevin has some interesting opinions, here's what he thinks of age of consent laws:
"i find it hard to understand that we accept that two 14 year old boys can intelligently explore their sexuality, yet those same two 14 year olds cannot explore their sexuality with a loving caring adult. It makes no sense whatsoever that the same two boys cannot engage an adult in their decision, and even turn to them for activity."
It actually makes a lot of sense when you consider that any "loving caring adult" wouldn't take advantage of children to satisfy their disgusting sexual urges. Children don't turn to adults for sex and we've already seen Kevins handicap when it comes to interpreting childrens behavior.

This next one will come as surprise to you all:
"I know there are strong opinions on this board both ways about CP. I am sure there are members who are avid collectors."
Kevin has a lot of questions about child pornography, he continues...
So does having CP, viewing, or enjoying it make you a bad person? How? Does it make the producer of it bad? How?
Here he seems to be confused about what's wrong with exploiting children for sex... I know: another surprise.

Other posts by Kevin appears to be possible admissions of guilt. What's scary is that Kevin's worked as foster parent, he actually kind of reminds me of someone else we all know. You can read his complete article at Evil-Unveiled:

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