What's In A Quote?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Quite a lot, it seems. We have recently come under attack in this post at BoyChat regarding the quote you see in the header by Kahlil Gibran. The thrust of the argument is this: Gibran may have been groomed and molested as a child by F. Holland Day; he subsequently became successful as an adult. Therefore we at Absolute Zero condone and promote ‘boylove’ because we appreciate Gibran's work.

“Kaylor” declares that he’s paid us his ‘first’ visit and is simply appalled that we would use any of Gibran’s work. He goes so far as to claim:

Through this cap-quote and its citation, "Absolute Zero" has made, in their ignorance, one of the strongest cases for pederasty ever formulated, a case for its beneficial impact on the young, its importance to culture, and its timelessness.

The reasoning behind his argument is this:

Kahlil Gibran (Gibran Khalil Gibran; 1883-1931) was the *loved boy* of the preeminent American Uranian photographer, Fred Holland Day (1864-1933)

Fact or opinion?

I personally chose that quote and feel no need to justify my choice or its use to the likes of “Kaylor” or anyone else at BoyChat. However, for the benefit of our dedicated readers, I offer the following:

Firstly, there is NO evidence that Day had an inappropriate relationship with any child. In fact, the F. Holland Day Museum denies the claims outright on their "common errors" page:

There is no evidence that Day had a sexual relationship with any of his models. Although Jussim implied that such relationships were possible and others have perpetuated this assumption

Secondly, there has never been so much as an accusation that Gibran himself was a paedophile; we know for a fact that he was not. So it comes down to their claim that Day “made” Gibran what he became. This is utterly absurd conjecture. By all acounts, the most important influences in his life were women!

Gibran was possibly groomed and molested as a child but managed (through his own brilliance) to become a successful man. Does that make our use of his words inappropriate? To the contrary, I cannot think of anything more appropriate.

The psychotic child molester Bill Evans seemed to think that this information would come as a revelation to us and the quote would be removed.

I will simply say that this is not ‘new information’ to me or anyone else here at Absolute Zero. We knew it was possible that Gibran was groomed as a child which added meaning rather than detracted from its use.

Should anyone have further questions/grievances regarding the use of this quote, I suggest you read through the available information on Gibran (not Day – it was not his words that I used). Alternatively, you can leave a comment here or drop me an email to discuss the matter further.
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