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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

*cross-posted from Daydreamer of Oz

Paedophiles are notorious for making blatantly stupid allegations rather than an actual argument. The most recent example of this is the infantile claim that the fairy in the artwork on Daydreamer of Oz is a child. The first allegation was made here by Didaskalos who says:

Though why anyone who was trying to project an "anti-ped" image would feature a naked 12-year old girl-elf on their homepage is beyond me.

Well like all paedo lies, it spread like wildfire. Psychotic Bill Evans decided to jump on the bandwagon and rant and rave at BoyChat about the image. He goes even farther than Didaskalos, claiming that the fairy is 8. Even when a fellow paedophile tells him he's wrong, he continues:

The physical proportions...
of an 8 y/o are quite different to an adult in the length of the torso, limbs and head size. The proportions of the female in that sketch are much closer to those of an 8 y/o than those of an adult. Probably sub-conciously so, but still those proportions would tend to draw the eye of a CL considerably more than of a "normal". The "boobie" could even be the right hand, and not a boobie at all...

As an attempted swipe at me, these comments do not concern me in the least. However, the creator of this artwork - Selina Fenech - is an amazing artist who does not deserve to have her work slandered and misinterpreted in this way.

Therefore, I contacted Selina and alerted her to this issue. The title of this piece of work is Rockabye in the Treetops and can be found in Selina's gallery here.

Reproduced with permission, is Selina's response to these allegations:

The artwork Rockabye in the Treetops is definately, and I think quite clearly, not a child. I don't generally age my fairies, but if I had to
I'd say she was no less than 17-18 human years old, which is in fact the age I was when I drew this artwork.

Now would you paedophiles please stop making me prove you wrong? I've got a lot of packing to do.

And Bill - those libel laws that you're so fond of and clearly don't understand - I'd um steer clear of them if I were you.
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