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According to Hulann and so beautifully outted by Iluv2surf. I do believe we need to talk more about this. You see, Hulann states:
It's true that I was convicted in 1994 of Aggrivated Criminal Sexual Abuse for Masterbating in front of a 10-year-old boy my Y.F. at the time- The cops had nothing on me until I myself volunteered the information in a police interview which lead to the only evidence they had on me. Such a dumb person I was then by not retaining a lawyer for the police questioning and thinking that the boy would tell all or they would keep at him until he did - He told nothing as I later found out but too late for me to take back my words.

I was sentenced to 2 years probation and ordered to undergo Therapy for Sex Offenders...

this post insn't about the Suicide attempts made durring the 5.5 years of Therapy this post is to state why I am not a SEX OFFENDER.

the thearpist wanted it to be drilled into us that the term SEX OFFENDER is only a label that one can not change but a person that has SEXUALLY OFFENDED OTHERS can change because it describes an act that a person can change and doesn't place Label on that person that he can not escape from.

Well I reckon that's applicable to lots of people, eh? Scott Peterson wasn't a murderer!!! Hey Hey! He was just a person who murdered his wife and unborn baby!!!! Kenneth Lay wasn't a thief!!! Oh no, he was just someone who stole from others! And doggone it, even Ted Bundy wasn't a rapist! He just raped women and girls. John Couey wasn't a child molester! He was just a man who molested children. Dear God, we could go on and on. This is brilliant! The ultimate PC criminal lingo!

Wonder what the nodding pedo heads have to say about it?

Your life was totally ruined and turned into a living nightmare for an act which was certainly a victimless crime.

Parents and caregivers who physically abuse their children, who beat them, neglect them, starve them, isolate them and turn them into angry, rebellious teenagers are tolerated by Society and the Law, yet a harmless act like this is given penalties harsher than some convicted of manslaughter receive.

2 years probation? Ok.

This is why I don't give a damn...about people, society, others, "humans in general". Most people would condemn you, Hulann, even now. I choose to condemn your condemners. What you have gone through, I can only imagine. I try to picture myself in your past situation, in the bowels of the "justice" system; and all I see is a rage so vast that the murder and mayhem that would follow is unspeakable.

...I have no idea where you are exactly, but if your case hinges on the word of one person against your word..without any other witnesses or charges.... then any decent lawyer should get you off..!
Reading posts like this really make me angry.

Especially when you consider everything you went through that changed you're entire life around (one might say for the worst) just because you wanked off in front of a kid.

So friggin what? Think about it... You masturbated in front of a kid and you get all that
I didn't go into to it yet but another part of that Group session greeting besides saying You have SEXUALLY OFFENDED OTHERS was to talk about how if not stoped the possibility of Escalation of abuse.

Yes, I can say 100 percent I wanted things between me and the 10 year-old to go further and it prob. would have

Here's an idea. You can call an apple an orange, but guess what? It's still an apple and a pedovore is still a pedovore whether you call them pedophile, MAA, or childlover. Heck, I reckon you could call them oranges too if you wanted. Why don't you start a campaign.... Here's a slogan you can use

We aren't child molesters.
We have just molested children.
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