Is this a Game?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Apparently a new commenter here by the name of Dididiot thinks it is. Hmm, perhaps it is to him..... all just a game, I mean.

So, I'm going to explain a little about how it relates back to my previous post about Pedo Logic. How in noticing the frequency of folks entering AZ through a google search for that term, followed by Dididiot's idiotic comments concerning an AZ member's blog, and a famous writer.....I thought more about this. I thought about the sick feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when I see someone come here through a search for

"pedo pix and porn 12 year old girls"
"Preview CP pedo video child"
"raped punished little cuties"
"I want to have sex with kids"

Now, I'm quite sure that anyone googling those phrases were NOT wanting to find AZ. But I bet the people who found us searching for the following were.

"How to tell if husband is pedophile"
"What if your child is a pedophile"
"How long average pedo spends in prison"

We are a relatively 'young' blog in the scheme of things. 6 months old and we've had 50,000 hits here. That's nothing to sneeze at. We must be doing something right. And there must be a LOT of people out there concerned about pedophilia.... and that should concern us. Either pedofreaks looking for something they shouldn't be looking for, trying to find an 'anti' to start a brawl with, or out trying to promote kiddie perving. But we also have people who are very troubled. Either because of their own past experiences with pedofreaks, or their own current experiences or interest in child safety.

Another search term is Pedo or a Pedo-Combo I call it. You have your standard Pedophile, Paedophile, Paedosexual, Pedo, Paedo and then the multi combos come in.

Pedofreak, pedovore, pedologic, pedo blog, pedo pics, pedo site, pedo girls, pedo boys, pedo chat, pedologues, pedophile movement, pedophile haters, pedophile punishment, pedo porn, pedophile kiddies, pedo lingo, pedo picture trade, anti pedo, pedo images, pedo laws, pedo behavior, pedo traits.

There's also lots of GirlLover, BoyLover, ChildLover combo's too. Like:
BoyLove 11 year old
Boylove 10 year old
BoyLove 12 year old

Then out of the blue a really interesting one pops up....

"reasons why an inmate doesn't like child molester"

Well, I'll be darned! Someone had to do a search for that? It was obviously a pedofreak, as no NORMAL person would have to ask why.

Sometimes we get searches for familiar names, ie Rookieeeee, Lindsay, Todd with an occasional olive freak thrown in for good measure. We also had 63 entries from the search term 'Kaylor' over a 3 day period, but I don't count that because they all came from Kaylor. Interestingly enough there's not been one single entry from a search for Dididiot. Or Didaskalos either for that matter.

So, no. This isn't a game. We're serious. Dead serious. Dididiot and any of his pedo pals should understand this. There's a lot of serious people out there. And there's very few of you in comparison. Oh yeah yeah I know what you all say about your numbers. That's Pedo Logic.
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