Upon Reflection

Friday, December 01, 2006

How sad.

How completely sad.

That I would have to make a post such as this.

Reflecting upon my interpretation of my childhood.

Do kids even have time to be kids and experience that which you and I, now in our 50's or 60's now, managed to experience years ago?

You've all seen the internet e-mails. And despite them, I tend to agree: we elders came from a generation not familiar to those living now.

-- I didn't have to fear my peers;
-- I didn't have to fear my neighbors;
-- I didn't have to fear my community;
-- I didn't have to fear my city or my county;
-- I didn't have to fear my government at all.

Now, if I'm interpreting things properly, I have to fear everyone and everything I come in contact with.

For any number of reasons.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Whilst my computer says: "fraud monitoring is on."

What the fuck?

MiGod. How low has sunk our society? Much less those we must fight?


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