This is a Pedophile

Friday, December 01, 2006

This is Rookiee, aka Damien Roberto Andres Cole of Pomona, California. He is a pedophile. He likes little boys. He thinks the age of consent for sex should be lowered. Cole, whose online handle is Rookiee Revolyob, is one of the internet’s most dangerous pedophiles. Besides maintaining online journals advocating child molestation, he hosts a podcast which praises pedophilia, sex with the underaged, and child rape.

He is an active member of various online forums, one of which is called “boychat” and on which he shares his depraved thoughts about little boys. His online name, Revolyob, translates in English into “boylover” when spelled backwards.

In addition to his internet activities, his MySpace page reveals that he is engaged in a relationship with a young boy, one he has been manipulating since the child was ten years old. His pedophile associates have gone so far as to accuse him of collecting child pornography and there are unconfirmed reports that he may be under federal investigation for his activities.

We urge you to take extreme caution in dealing with Mr. Cole. Most importantly, please keep your children away from him. He is known to frequent Disneyland and Renaissance Fairs in the area, and represents a definite danger.

His Alternate Screennames:

lowlypikeman (YIM)

rookieeblvr (YIM)

crassusd (YIM)

ICQ UIN: 826099

crassusd (AOL)

His websites: (this includes his resume)

For more information, please visit

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