Pedo Logic Puzzle

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

One day I noticed that we were getting a lot of visitors to AZ through a Google search for the term Pedo Logic. At first I thought it rather strange but then I realized that none of us understand pedofreaks logic, probably even they don't understand it. So I thought we'd talk a bit about Pedo Logic and what it really is.

We all realize these guys are missing something, we don't understand why they can't comprehend and accept basic concepts. So, I figure it's like this. They can't accept that they are wacko, because they build these scenarios up in their heads, they say to themselves "I WANT IT and I will talk myself into circles until I find a way to make it fit. I will FORCE it to make sense SOMEHOW!" Which is where the nodding pedo heads come in. (HT to Jacey!) They don't really care if it makes sense, or if it's accurate, or if it's true, they just agree if someone says something that they want to be true.

So what does Pedo Logic look like? I'm going to give you three examples.

Sample Pedo Logic #1
A perving on kiddies housekeeper, he's got a thing for the daughter of his employers. When the boss is away ... the perv comes out to play. He starts by invading the little girls space. He goes through her room, he touches her belongings, he strips her of her privacy. He gets bolder and bolder, he starts to sniff her panties. He steals her panties. He becomes obsessed. He stops doing his job and just hangs out in her room. The little girl is unaware of this. In fact this little girl is even unaware of the birds and the bees, she likes her Barbies and her Dora the Explorer. She likes Saturday cartoons and Disney movies. She's just a kid, she gets to be carefree that way. But the perving on kiddies dude, sees her smile at him. And he's spent so much time in her space, with her underwear, fantasizing about her, wanting her that well he just doesn't see this as an innocent smile. NO NO What we've got here is a 5 year old girl who wants to get in his pants.
WA LA Pedo Logic.

Sample Pedo Logic #2
The little girl is playing, oh maybe doing some back flips or some such as that. Sometimes her panties show, or her blouse flips up. She doesn't even notice it. She's just this carefree kid, playing her game. But she looks up with the little girl face - the only face she has - she's happy, she's smiling, laughing, innocent. But the person watching her isn't like normal men. No, he's a perverted piece of shit who views the world through a distorted pedo-lens. What have we got? A 5 year old flashing him, because she wants sex with him.
WA LA Pedo Logic.

Sample Pedo Logic #3
Here we have a typical freakopath. He has 14 apples, 33 oranges, 65 grapes, 8 pineapples and 6 bananas. He adds them altogether. Divides by 7 cups of coffee, multiplies by 3 sodas, and subtracts 2 beers. What has he got? A 5 year old girl who wants to play with his genitals.
WA LA Pedo Logic.

So... now you know about PedoLogic. Please leave the samples you've run across in the comments!
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