Progress at LiveJournal

Monday, December 04, 2006

Dunx alerted us here to a filthy paedophile site hosted on LJ. Since that time, we have been in contact with LJ regarding this issue. I am happy to report that LiveJournal appears to be taking the standards of their content very seriously. In their response to me they state:

LiveJournal has a strict zero tolerance policy regarding child pornography and/or direct solicitation of minors. We encourage all of our users to report such material to us as they discover it, and we take swift action to remove it when it is reported to us.

The account that Dunx alerted us to has indeed been removed, LJ explains:

In this case, the material you have reported to us has crossed the line into specifically soliciting and advocating illegal acts, and therefore we are able to suspend the accounts in question.

We are now in the process of investigating all of the people who were associated with that particular blog.

Our campaign to have the filth removed from LiveJournal is ongoing. Please feel free to contact/alert us to any inappropriate material you find and we will certainly keep you updated on our progress.
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